Everything You Need to Know About Igala Weddings

Everything You Need to Know About Igala Weddings

Weddings are one of those events common to all cultures and tribes. It’s a time when a man and a woman are legally joined as one and declared husband and wife amid witnesses. However, wedding procedures and requirements vary from one tribe to another, this is what makes it unique. Perhaps, you’ve heard about the Igala ethnic groups, and you’re curious about how Igala weddings are being conducted, or you may be interested in marrying an Igala lady and need to know what you are signing in for. Sit back and relax as this article will cover everything you need to know about Igala weddings.

Furthermore, people often ask how do I approach an Igala lady, declare my intentions and get to meet her parents? Also, do igala parents collect dowry and how much does it cost? In addition, do I have to speak Igala before her parents accept me? All these questions and many more will be answered in the course of this article.

What You Should Know About Igala Ladies

Igala ladies just as any other tribe are well cultured and mannered having received proper training and advice from their parents— This begins from childhood until the  marriageable stage. Oftentimes, Igala ladies are so attached to their moms and will eventually display whatever traits exhibited by their mothers, either good or bad. But, not to worry as Igala parents never fail at giving valuable advice needed by daughters intending to get married.

Talking to an Igala Lady

The First step common to all igala weddings is the agreement between a man and a woman who desire to get married. However, interested suitors are scared of being rejected so there is a dilemma on what step to take.

Interestingly, it’s easy to approach an Igala lady as long as you’re polite but declaring your intentions at the very first meeting may not be a good idea and is one of those things you should never say on a first date. In contrast, learn about those fun things to do on a first date which in turn establish a mutual friendship. Once this is achieved it’s best you let the cat out of the bag.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be afraid of being rejected as Igala ladies are good at turning down requests politely without being rude. In addition, you can use an intermediary if you feel uncomfortable about going in person, although this is not compulsory. I tell you it shows you’re competent when you go in person and she would appreciate that.

Talking to an Igala Lady’s Parents About Your Intentions

This stage comes in two phases and is also called the introduction phase of igala weddings. So, after the lady agrees to your proposal it’s time to step up the relationship by meeting her parents. However, don’t try pretending to be who you’re not to please her parents. This might turn out bad and you will eventually lose your chances of getting married to her. 

Interestingly, Igala parents excel more at background checks about whoever their child is getting married to. Unknown to the couple in question, both Igala families, that’s if they are both Igala, dig more into the family history of whoever their son or daughter intend to marry. This is because they believe that every unpleasant trait found can be transferred.

Pre Introduction Phase of Igala Weddings

This phase is when the lady takes her man to see her parents alone. In other words, he goes to introduce himself to her parents without anyone accompanying him. This is where his fate is decided as he gets to know if he is accepted or not. It’s advisable he goes with gifts for her parents and also her siblings if she has any. The success of this stage determines the next.

Introduction Phase of Igala Weddings

This is the time when the man comes with his family members to declare his intentions properly to the woman’s family. Also, some members of the woman’s family are invited to witness this event, although it isn’t something elaborate as only few persons get to attend. 

The man is expected to come along with two plates of kola nuts, with a reasonable sum of money placed on each plate, alongside four crates of acceptable drinks that will be presented to the woman’s parents. In addition, he will be asked to bring money that will be used to cook and entertain all those who will attend the introduction including his own family.

Furthermore, the male family is expected to come with a mediator who will introduce them and also declare the reason for their visit. Afterward, the lady is asked if she accepts their proposal, once she gives her consent, prayers are made and the gifts brought are presented to her parents.

Afterward, both couples are expected to introduce their spouse to their family members occupying sensitive positions in the family.

Igala Fixing of Wedding Date and Courtship

This stage is often the easiest to cross so long as both parents are in support of the union. However, once you’ve carried out the two introduction phases and have gotten her parents acceptance, you should tie the knot as soon as possible— Delay might be dangerous except there are still some background checks yet to be carried out. Hence, a favorable date for both families is fixed and invitations are being sent. 

How is Igala Traditional Marriage Done?

This can also be referred to as engagement day. According to Igala weddings tradition, the man will come to collect a bill which contains the amount of money needed to cook and entertain invited guest. Furthermore, he buys two mats and two wrappers that are to be used on the wedding day. In addition, he brings two plates of kola nuts, with a reasonable sum of money on them, 4 crates of drinks as was brought during the introduction phase.

On the day of the traditional wedding, the mats and wrappers bought will be spread on the floor, one for the bride and the other for the groom. Next comes the bride dancing to the music being played with her friends, while this is done money is sprayed on her as she greets both families. She goes back and changes her attire and comes out for the second time with her friends dancing, greets as money is sprayed on them.

The bride goes back again and changes her attire for the third time, this time she comes out with two of her best friends dancing as she goes to sit on the mat, with both friends sitting one to her left and the other to her right. Oftentimes, she may refuse to sit, but in order to make her sit, the groom’s family will continue spraying money until she feels like sitting.

Next, comes in the groom with two of his friends, dancing in once, oftentimes no money is sprayed except his family wants to. They get to sit on the second mat, with the same sitting arrangements as the bride. Most importantly, the groom and the bride are expected to put on the same attire on that day.

Afterward, the groom’s spokesman will speak and present the gifts brought to the parents of the bride and request that they give their son their daughter hand in marriage. The bride is asked if she accepts their proposal, she agrees and the couple is declared husband and wife amidst witnesses.

Subsequently, the groom will be asked to take proper care of their daughter, love her, and fulfill his duty as a man. That’s why it’s important that as a couple intending to get married you learn about those marriage preparation tips for every intending couple.

After this stage of the event, the floor is open to those who want to advise the couple or may want to present gifts to them. Following this comes celebration—dancing and eating and your bride is yours!

Do Igala Parents Collect Bride Price?

No, 95% of Igala parents don’t collect bride price on their daughter and this is one trait that makes igala weddings unique. All that’s required are those gifts to be brought along during introduction and money to cook and entertain the guest on the introduction day and even on the traditional marriage day.

What are Igala Traditional Marriage Requirements?

As we have earlier established only specific gifts will be requested and money to ensure the wedding turns out well. However, items like yam, red oil, meat e.t.c needed for cooking might be brought by the man. This is usually optional as he may decide to bring money for those items to be bought.


Igala weddings are an interesting event to witness and one of the stress-free processes to go through as a couple. Therefore, if you’re a man still unsure about speaking to an Igala lady, brace up and make your intentions known as there is absolutely nothing to worry about. The entire process is doable and trust me igala families are welcoming.

Finally, have you had any experience with igala weddings?