Crocodile Hotel Kaduna Review and Detailed Guide

Crocodile Hotel Kaduna Review and Detailed Guide

Crocodile Hotel Kaduna is a stone-excavated boutique hotel conveniently situated on a tranquil one-way street in the city of Kaduna, Nigeria. The three-star boutique hotel prides itself on polished decor, excellent room and customer service, and top-notch facilities. The boutique hotel was built and declared open by Omotayo Patricia Okunsanya (alias Nee Ajayi) on the 20th of July, 2011 although owned by Chief Terry.

The accommodation of rooms and suites of the hotel is distinctively created to provide guests with style, high-end luxury, and relaxation. To ensure guests are relaxed and sleep blissfully, the rooms feature cozy beds, fluffy pillows, soft sheets, and throw pillows. To provide extra suaveness and pleasantries, the rooms are equipped with modern conveniences like air conditioning, TVs, fridges, intercoms, storage spaces in closets, and charging ports. Indeed, it was very pleasant and comfortable.

The hotel is impressive both in and out but it doesn’t have leisure facilities for guests to enjoy and always come back. There is no fitness center to help guests stay and keep to their routines during their stay. There is no swimming pool to help attracts guests and more customers for a more hospitability business. Lastly, there is no spa to help guests feel relaxed through massages. 

But there’s an indoor restaurant at the hotel and it serves African and Intercontinental dishes that are delicious. It offers dining options, buffet services, and 24-hour service to the guests staying at the hotel. The restaurant pride itself in serving dishes that are freshly made and flavorsome. 

They provide boardroom tables as they have a conference room and banquet hall for occasions. The tables come in rectangular and round shapes. In addition, the hotel offers banquet halls depending on what occasion you want to use them for. 

All this, coupled with comfortable rooms, suites, and conference rooms makes Crocodile Hotel Kaduna an ideal place to stay while in Kaduna for a business meeting or simple relaxation.

Crocodile Hotel Kaduna

Quick Facts:

  • Address – No. 15 Kanta Road, Kaduna 
  • Contact – 08055075151, 08070479999
  • E-mail address – [email protected][email protected] 
  • Opened – 20th July 2011
  • Rooms – Standard, Double Suite, Studio, and Presidential
  • Number of rooms/suites – 30
  • Number of floors – 3
  • Restaurants – 1 (Ground Floor)
  • Bars – 1 (Ground Floor)
  • Halls – 1 (Ground Floor)
  • Swimming pool – 0
  • Spa – 0
  • Fitness center/gym – 0
  • Laundry services – Yes

Rooms and Suites

There are 30 rooms and suites across 3 floors, so each of the floors has a total of 10 rooms. Each room is spacious, elegant, and personalized. The stairs leading to the rooms on each floor are adorned with paintings and a large mirror. The attention to detail is noticeable to anyone.

The rooms are named after cities and states in Nigeria making them knowledgeable and interesting. The rooms available on each floor are Standard rooms, Double suites, Studios, and Presidential curated and embellished to the comfort of their guests. 

room and suits in crocodile hotel kaduna

The first floor has names like Bonny, Badagry, Shagari, Iyamo, Zuru, and Nguru which can respectively be found in Rivers, Lagos, Zamfara, Edo, Kebbi, and Yobe states.

The second floor comprises hotel room names including Osun, Gwagwalada, Lampese, Panyan, Makarfi, Obudu, and Kaduna which are cities in Abuja, Edo, Kogi, Kano, Cross River, and Kaduna states respectively.

The third floor includes names like LA Orangun, Shaki, Mokwa, Ife, Donya, Ankpa, Daura, Otuo, Kwajaffa, and Igara which are found in the following states Osun, Oyo, Niger, Osun, Kogi, Edo, Borno, and Osun states of Nigeria.

The majority of the names of the hotels are from Edo state as the owner, Chief Terry hails from the heartbeat of the nation, Edo state, Nigeria. 

The Standard rooms feature a king-size bed, sheets, pillow, throw pillows, a convenient room, a center table, and chairs. The walls are furnished and decorated with curtains to give it a homely feel.

The Presidential suite’s living room area is embellished with high-end furniture, a center table, chandeliers, a center rug, and lovely curtains. The inner room features a king-size bed, sheets, pillows, throw pillows, a large wardrobe, and a convenient room. Indeed, it gives a presidential feel and touch. 

rooms and suits in crocodile hotel kaduna

Everything in the room is decent, and spotless, with functional amenities neatly arranged making guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

What I Like

My Crocodile Hotel Kaduna experience kicked off with a tricycle from my place, which took about 15 minutes. Once I arrived at the building, the first thing that hit me was the entrance and lobby. 

The outer entrance features a parking lot that is too small and might not take as many cars. The attention to horticulture and artwork gives it a beauty of its own that makes you want to click some photos. 

Also, the inner entrance was accentuated with outdoor decorations of various ornamental plants and a wooden artwork of a crocodile. It depicts what the hotel is called: Crocodile Hotels. There is a historic story about crocodile called “Kada” in Hausa, which stands for Kaduna, its people, and the language. The hotel didn’t stray too far from norms and culture.

Although, there were parrots that happen to be caged. But I was told with time, the owners want to train them to be able to welcome guests on arrival. That would be beautiful if it were to happen. 

When I walked into the lobby, it was straight-on hospitality. I met a staff member who was very welcoming and friendly. The lobby featured tiled terrazzo, a design area, and was well-furnished with comfortable chairs to serve as the waiting area. There’s even an area where you can polish your shoe for free. Interesting. 

A vital part of the hotel that makes it interesting is the timbers surrounding the hotel. I liked how it was accentuated in every corner of the hotels but I was still curious as to why. 

I asked Mr. Musa Maikarfi about it and he explained it to me. The hotel is surrounded by wood and timber gotten from the existing trees on the land before the construction of the building. I was shocked yet mesmerized at the same time. I couldn’t help but imagine how many years those timbers and wood are aged. Although aged, they still look fresh due to treatment by staff and officials. 

Another thing I like about the room is how elegant it looks. The room is adorned with a king-size bed, white sheets, a seating area with chairs, and storage spaces in closets. It also features free Wi-Fi, a functional intercom, air-conditioning, and flat TV screens. The walls are well-painted with beautiful curtains to give it a homely and welcoming ambiance. 

The bathroom but small and everything functioning. Bathroom amenities included a water heater, toilet roll, towel, towel hanger, and a toilet that flushes. But I do recommend you bring your care products like shampoo, body soap and wash, lotion, and toothpaste. 

One last thing I like at the Crocodile Hotel Kaduna is how neat and spotless the rooms are. Asides from being spacious, the rooms look decent with a sleek design. With a room like that, I would fall asleep almost immediately.  

What I Dislike about Crocodile Hotel Kaduna

The hotel is situated in the city center of Kaduna State. Kaduna is generally hot in most parts of the year.

But it is worth noting that what I dislike about the hotel is that it does not have a swimming pool, no gym or fitness center, and no spa. I am sure not every hotel boasts of these leisure facilities and customer-side attractions but in a state as hot as Kaduna, having a swimming pool either indoor or outdoor will boost customers and guests for them. 

As far as service is concerned, this is my only negative comment. 

Good to Know

The hotel offers 24-hour room service, which means you can use the intercom or go down the lobby area to either complain about something or order your favorite dishes any hour of the day. The hotel also provides laundry services to its guests.

The Crocodile Hotel Kaduna has its parking lot. There is also a bar and outdoor relaxation for guests who want to simply enjoy the evening and want to have a good time with other guests. Although the bar is non-functional since the COVID-19 lockdown in no time, the bar will be up and running again for guests to enjoy their stay. 

The hotel does not provide its guest with a fitness center or gym facility, swimming pool, and spa. But with their hospitability services, your stay will be an unforgettable one.

Restaurants in Crocodile Hotel Kaduna

restaurant at crocodile hotel kaduna

There is an indoor restaurant at the hotel that serves both African and Intercontinental dishes.

The minimum price of food is N1500 for noodles and chips, and for others, the starting price is N3500.

The restaurant interestingly is named after different animals you commonly see around. There are names like Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Zebra, and even its own name, Crocodile. The restaurant’s ambiance is cozy with well-painted walls and paintings sitting beautifully on the wall. 

restaurant at crocodile hotel kaduna

There is also a buffet complimentary service for guests but the hotel decides on what to give its guests to make them feel welcome. The hotel also offers open restaurants to guests and visitors who are not lodging in.

Hotel Amenities in Crocodile Hotel Kaduna

Apart from the restaurant, the hotel has other hotel amenities that will make your stay safe and comfortable.

There is 24/7 light and water service, TVs, air conditioning, intercoms, 2-standby generators, and even CCTV cameras. Other facilities include projectors, speakers, and audiovisuals.

Fun Things to Do Near Crocodile Hotel Kaduna

The hotel is conveniently located 21.9 km away from the Kaduna Airport which makes it easy for guests flying in to head there for some quick relaxation. There are restaurants and relaxation spots like Byblos Restaurants, Habil Cafe (known for mouth-watering and excellent breakfast dishes), Crocodile Club, and Jodeci Lounge within 5-9 miles. 

These are the fun things to do around the hotel if you are one to explore a new city on arrival. Oh, you can even go out for a night stroll. The hotel is situated on a one-way street that is serene and exudes tranquility. 

Final Thought

From start to finish, I loved my experience at the Crocodile Hotel Kaduna, It is an impressive hotel that offers guests hospitality, luxury, and top-notch quality time and relaxation. If you’re someone interested in customer service, beautiful scenery, finer things, and lovely food, then look no further than the Crocodile Hotels & Restaurants. 


Is there free Wi-Fi at the hotel?

Yes, the hotel offers Wi-Fi service that connects around the building and the restaurant.

Is there a parking lot available at the hotel?

Yes, a free parking lot is available at the hotel for 20 cars. 

Is there a shuttle service available?

Yes, there is a shuttle service available. You can easily find a bike or tricycle to enable you to move from place to place.

Can I polish my shoe at the hotel?

Yes, you can polish your shoe at the hotel and for free. 

Does the hotel have a conference room for business meetings?

Yes, the hotel has a conference room that can take 60 people. 

Can I cancel my reservation if I change my plan?

Yes, you can cancel reservations but within 24 hours only. 

Does the hotel offer any tour packages?

No, the hotel does not offer tour packages.

Is there a smoking policy at the Crocodile Hotels Kaduna?

There is a smoking policy at the Crocodile Hotel Kaduna. Generally, there’s no smoking but if you must, it is in the condition that neighbors are not to be disturbed and that you use the staff floor. 

What is the location of the Crocodile Hotel Kaduna?

The Crocodile Hotel is located at No. 15 Kanta Road, Kaduna State.

What are the types of rooms available at the Crocodile Hotel Kaduna?

The Crocodile Hotel offers a variety of rooms including Standard rooms, Double suites, Studio, and Presidential. The rooms are spacious and furnished with basic amenities like TVs, air conditioning, intercoms, fridge, etc.

Does the Crocodile Hotel Kaduna have a fitness center?

No, there is no fitness center or gym at Crocodile Hotel Kaduna.

Does the Crocodile Hotel Kaduna have a spa?

No, there is no spa at Crocodile Hotel Kaduna.

Is there a swimming pool at the Crocodile Hotel Kaduna?

There is no outdoor or indoor swimming pool at Crocodile Hotel Kaduna.

What is the check-in/check-out time at the Crocodile Hotel Kaduna?

The check-in at the Crocodile Hotel is 7 am, while the check-out time is 12 noon standard. Staying late till 2 pm attracts 50% fees and staying longer than 5 pm attracts 100% of the original fees paid. 

What Do Nail Colours Mean? The Meanings Will Shock You

What Do Nail Colours Mean? The Meanings Will Shock You

Did you know that the colour of nails reveals something about the person wearing them? Like how you can take care of your lips naturally, nail polish. which comes in different colours also takes care of your nails. They could be bright red or a baby blue, but what do nail colours mean? In this article, you will know what nail colours mean and what they say about a person.

Nail Colours and Their Meanings

1. Orange

orange nail colour

Spontaneous. Are you one to do things without planning? Then, this colour is calling to you. Available on Amazon for $11.99

2. Red

Red nail colour

Sexy. We all know red tells us romance, sexiness, outgoing, and boldness. Red is a classic colour for any woman out there as it is to die for! Very chic. You can buy quality red nail polish on Amazon for $6.99.

3. Black

Black nail colour

No, no, don’t think evil or Malificent here. Black connotes true personality, wildness, and confidence. I’m getting myself black painted nails soon; I want to try it.

4. Blue

Blue nail colour

Other than being in a relationship, blue also says you’re creative. You can also try navy blue, teal, periwinkle, and other shades of blue as they mean the same thing. Available on Amazon for $6.50

5. Pink

pink nail colour

Pink for days, am I right? Pink screams femininity, softness, and signs of being a real woman. Pink and red lingerie is cute and sexy now, imagine pink on your nails. That’s a killer!

6. White

white nail colour

Unlike the popular belief that white colour means peace and purity, white nails screams Confidence and Class. Buy white nail polish on Amazon for $7.98.

7. Nude

nude nail colour

I don’t want to say lazy, but this tells that you’re laid back and have an easy-going personality. You can purchase pretty nude nail polish on Amazon for $7.98

8. Purple

purple nail colour

Purple nails mean someone is artistic, confident, and can conquer the world alone. Buy on Amazon for $6.99

What Do Nail Colours Mean In A Relationship?

All our lives, we’ve always been told “white” stands for peace and, other times, love. May I shock you with a different revelation? White means you’re single.

A trend that has been going around on Tiktok about what the color “white” means revealed that white colour means you’re single.

Surprised, right? I know!

According to Urban Dictionary, white nails signify that a person is single, ready to mingle, and available for a fresh start. So, when you see your crush on white nails next, be forward and express how you feel. You just might be lucky!

Another colour making rounds and revealing a thing about a person is “baby blue.” Rather than saying I’m in a relationship, girls on TikTok paint their nails in this color to show off their commitment. They make a video showing the nails to their followers to send a message to them. Why? They believe that’s the colour guys like on them, and most guys say they like blue on them.

While variations of this colour, including baby blue and light blue, do not be confused, both mean she is taken, and you should back off.

“If a girl ever asks me to pick her nail colour, I’m gonna pick light blue every time just so no other guy flirts with her.”


Asides from all these, women take their nail polish very seriously, and they put the colour into consideration all the time. Bold colours, mild colours, dramatic colours, brighter, neutral, or simple ombre colours.

What Do Nail Colours Mean In Health?

Let’s dive into medical signs and what nail colours mean to a person’s overall health.

1. Pale nails indicate liver disease and also a malnourished individual.

2. Yellow nails tell you a person with fungal infections and sometimes rare lung disease and diabetes.

3. Cracked or Splitting nails is also a result of fungal infection. All these are mostly due to too much moisture, aging, inadequate vitamins, proteins, and minerals, and not taking care of the nails.


If you’re looking to meet someone, one thing you should do is watch out for their nail colour. Considering that these colours may just mean aesthetic features for people, they may not know what nail colours mean.

But, a sure way to win a woman’s heart is to be one of these things and not just have a preference to nail colours.  Let me know in the comment section about your favorite colour to use on your nails.

I hope this article has erased the question “What do nail colours mean” off your mind.


What does the colour of your nail mean on TikTok?

TikTok took to the challenge by giving “baby blue” and “white” a relationship tag.

What do purple nails mean to a girl?

Purple simply means artistic, confident, and a can-do-all attitude.

What does it mean to polish one nail a different colour?

Asides from aesthetics, art trends, and beauty, there’s generally no meaning to this unless your polish is finished at home. Be sure to see a nail technician get the job done completely.

What does black nail polish mean on a girl?

First off, not all girls can pull off black nails. That’s a Queen right there. Black means Bold, confident, and true to oneself.

How to Take Care of Your Acrylic Nails

How to Take Care of Your Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are a beauty, and it took me so long to realize that I have been missing a lot. But not anymore. I recently just got myself one, and I love them! In this article, I’ll share with you how to take care of acrylic nails, exactly like mine.

What are acrylic nails?

Acrylics are a mix of liquid monomer and powder polymer, forming a thick paste glued and bonded to our natural nails. Doing this adds length, thickness, and beauty to our nails. Simply put, they are artificial, faux, unoriginal nails. There is a lot of art done on nails to beautify them, and every work out there is a masterpiece.

An art technician or a manicurist carefully applies the nails so you don’t make a mistake or hurt yourself. In this context, below are ways how to take care of acrylic nails

1. Wear Gloves

I know this doesn’t sound nice, but you have to be on the safe side. Wearing gloves helps prevent the nails from coming in contact with water, detergent, and other chemicals you may not know could cause harm.

A tip here is to place a waterproof glove beside the sink to remind you to wear them.

2. Be Gentle with Them

Remember, these nails are fake, they are not yours. Be careful and gentle around them, do not use them to open cans or open hard kinds of stuff.

I once tried opening a can once. Let’s just say I didn’t find it funny.

3. Use Vitamin E or Cuticle Oil/Cream

It is advised to use vitamin E on your skin or cuticle oil on nails either once or twice daily to keep them flexible. When nails are strong, they are most likely to break.

You could use penetrating oil such as Jojoba oil to keep the nails flexible, prevent them from cracking, and furthermore use it on natural nails too.

4. Pick the Right Shape and Length

One of the best ways to cake of your acrylic nails is to pick the right length. There are different lengths, short or long, and shapes out there ranging from square, oval, almond, edge, ballerina, and of course, rounded tips. Pick what is best suited for you.

Do you do lots of housework? If so, it is wise to stick to short and rounded lengths to avoid breaking easily. I use them too.

5. Keep the Nails Dry

Like I said, water can cause damage as it loosens the glue holding the nail together and makes it fall off. Be sure to dry your nails after every activity you carry out. A good way is to dust your hands with baby powder to dry them and be on the safe side quickly.

6. Avoiding Acetone!

How to take care of your acrylic nails? Avoid acetone! Be sure to avoid using nail remover that contains acetone as this causes damage to the nails. You should go to a nail technician to take this off for you, but if you like to do it yourself as I do, you can use alcohol.

7. Applying Only Clear Nail Polish

Are you looking for how to take care care of your acrylic nails? Do you want to improve the appearance of your nails? Apply nail polish as this also helps it lock any pits forming around the edges of the nails. Apply the nail polish to acrylic nails at least once a week.

If you want, you can learn more about the surprising meanings of nail polish.

8. Wash and Sanitize

If there’s one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it’s to wash our hands. Wash your hands with, antibacterial soap regularly and your acrylic nails will thank you for it.

9. Avoid Doing-It-Yourself (DIY) If There Is Any Damage

In case of any damage or cracking, do not be tempted to repair it on your own. Repairing your acrylic nails by yourself could cause more harm. Instead, quickly find the nearest nail technician.


If you know how to take care of acrylic nails, they’ll last you a long time. They are a thing of beauty and are safe to try. Who wouldn’t want to? How do you take care of your acrylic nails? Let me know in the comments!

FAQs on How to Take Care of Acrylic Nails

1. Are acrylic nails safe to use?

Yes, acrylic nails are safe to use, but a downside is that they weaken the natural nails when removing them. But when removed properly, they cause no permanent damage to your natural nails.

2. How long do acrylic nails last?

Your acrylic nails can stay up to 3-4 weeks, precisely a month.

3. How do I make my nails shine after applying?

Oil baby. Oils. Apply a moisturizer, too, to keep it soft and moist. You can use oil to add shine and to keep it healthy too.

4. How can I remove my acrylic nails?

Go to a nail technician to be on the safe side but if you have alcohol at home, go ahead.

5. How do I make my nails last?

Maintain the nails at home by avoiding contact with water and strenuous activities that may lead to cracking and breaking of the nails.

Back Dimple Piercing is The Latest Fashion Trend in Town

Back Dimple Piercing is The Latest Fashion Trend in Town

Back dimple piercing also called “Dermal piercings” are indentations on the lower back just above your butt and hip region. These piercings are extremely beautiful and tempting, but before you go ahead to have this piercing, there are a few things you need to know.

This article will share everything you need to know before piercing those back dimples.

Will my Back Dimple Piercing Hurt?

YES! Of course. Ordinarily, you feel pain when piercing the nose so imagine layers of your skin being pierced with an instrument. Yes, do you see it?

Are you squeaking?

Do you have a cringe?

The good news is that pain is subjective, and people can tolerate this piercing. What hurts Aisha will not hurt Sandra, and what doesn’t hurt Sandra most definitely won’t hurt Fatima. If you’ve had other piercings and didn’t feel pain, you may have this piercing.

What Do You Need for This Piercing?

The necessary equipment needed for back dimple piercing are:

  • A specialized and a capable piercer
  • Anti-bacterial lotion/sanitizer
  • A saltwater solution (saline)
  • A clamp for tightening the skin
  • Sterilized needles
  • Dermal punch
  • Piece of jewelry

Why I Decided Against Having a Back Dimple Piercing

I’m glad you are having the thought of having a back dimple. I had it too, and I decided against it after doing my research. My reasons are below:

  1. Your sitting postures can never be the same for some months or at least after it heals.
  2. To avoid contamination and pulling out of the jewelry, your favorite outfits must be avoided for a while.
  3. You cannot freely touch your own back anymore. Incessant touching can irritate the area and make it red, which you do not want.
  4. Oh, your sleeping postures have to change. This is quite tricky cause you won’t even know when you lay on your back and before you know it, you are having sleep paralysis, but your piercing gets worse and excruciatingly painful.
  5. You must go for frequent checkups to ensure the piercing is not affected.

If you ask me, that’s a lot of work. Pheew, I’ll stick to my leg chains, ear, and nose piercings. Next!

Side Effects of A Back Dimple Piercing

These indentations are drop-dead beautiful, but it comes with risk, which is listed below

1. You Risk Having an Infection

This is obtained through contact with bacteria from an inexperienced piercer, unsterilized equipment, or needle. This can be obtained from the jewelry piece or through improper care after piercing.

2. Body Rejection

Ever heard someone say, “my body doesn’t like piercing”? I have, from my friend. She got a nose piercing, and weeks after, she battled with an infection that brought out pus and dirt. She had to clean day and night to avoid further contamination until she gave up and let the piercing close.

Your body can reject piercing by pushing the foreign object out, discharge may be seen, and sleepless nights and days of sterilization which you most definitely would get tired of.

3. Displacement

The foreign object introduced to the layers of your skin may move around to other places if the insertion is not done properly and not deep enough.

4. Tearing of the skin

If you decide to do a back dimple piercing, you should note that you may risk tearing if you are not careful. The jewelry can get stuck in your cloth or accidentally pulled out with force that can lead to painful tears on the skin.

How Long Does it Take for Back Dimples Piercing to Heal?

Research says every piercing takes between 1-3 months to heal, but, in some people, it might take up to 6 months and maybe more to completely heal. The healing time depends on:

  • Your health and metabolism rate
  • The skill of the piercer
  • The care and attention you give to the piercing

Signs of an Infected Back Dimple Piercing

Due to the location of this piercing, cleaning this area might be difficult for you, especially when you leave alone. But if you have long magical hands or you have a friend, watch out for these signs:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Yellow/white discharge
  • Continued pain and discomfort
  • Itching

You may be able to control these signs at home by cleaning with alcohol but be sure to see a specialist when it gets worse or if it needs removal immediately.

How You Should Take Care of Your Back Dimple Piercing

Like going to the doctor, you have been prescribed drugs and told how to use them, right? It’s the same with back dimples piercing, the piercing tells you instructions to follow in taking care of the indentations, but here are a few to get you started.

Always ensure you have clean hands before touching the piercing area. When in doubt, wash your hands with soap and water or use an anti-bacterial hand wash.

  • Use salt water to clean the area at least thrice a day.
  • Wear-free loose clothes that won’t get in contact with the piercing area.
  • Change your bedding and bedsheets.
  • Avoid touching the piercing area completely.
  • Clean the area with Dettol or alcohol.
  • Avoid tight clothing.
  • Sleep on your sides.
  • Avoid contact with water and avoid the swimming pool
  • Do not play with the jewelry that was pierced into your skin.
  • Don’t change the jewelry until piercings are completely healed. After healing, ensure you get your jewelry changed by your piercer.
  • Do not change jewelry yourself.

If you change your mind, go to your piercer to take the jewelry out. Once they are out, you are free and be rest assured that your skin will grow back, but a scar is sure to be there. But worry less as the scar will most definitely fade with time but not completely.


What are Back Dimple Piercings called?

Back dimple piercings are called dermal piercings or single point piercings.

What do Back Dimples mean?

Back dimples are said to signify beauty. They were named dimple of Venus after the roman goddess Venus by Michael Angelo.

Do Dimple Piercings Give You Dimples?

Yes! Dimple piercing will give you the illusion of dimples even when you take the jewelry out. This is due to the scar from the piercing. Some people only pierce because they want the scar. If you like dimples so much and can’t afford a cosmetic surgery, i’ll recommend dimple piercing.

Does Cheek Piercing Hurt?

Pain is relative and it totally depends on your pain tolerance. if you have high tolerance to pain, it may feel less painful and if you have a low tolerance to pain, it may feel very painful. you know yourself better. if you think you can handle it , why not.

How Much is it to Get Your Back Dimples Pierced?

The cost of your back dimple piercing is dependent on the type of jewelry, the pricing of your piercer and location. However, it costs about $80-$100 to get your piercings done. If you are aiming for a more expensive jewelry, It could cost more. You can purchase nice jewelry for dimple piercing on Amazon for $11.99

Can you get your butt pierced?

Yes. Any part of your body can be pierced, however, butt piercing may come with its complications. It would affect your ability to sit and the jewelry can migrate causing secondary infections.


Back dimples piercing is the latest trend, and it’s bound to make you look sexier and more attractive. But are you up for the task of risks, adequate and proper care, and safety precautions after piercing? If you are, let me know in the comment section how sexy you most definitely look with it.

How to Prepare Masa Hausa Food

How to Prepare Masa Hausa Food

Masa/Waina/Rice pancake, whatever you call it, is a Northern Nigerian delicacy that is consumed mostly by the Hausa tribe, but other tribes eat it too. I know I do. It is delicious.

There is a special rice for this delicacy called “the soft, short grain”. This is because it has a high content of starch, which makes this delicacy clump together when cooked. Quite a number of people prefer to use medium-grain rice because they dislike the smell and taste of fermented rice.

Enough of the talks; let me tell you how to prepare this delicacy, masa Hausa food.

Equipment for Making Masa

AvailJumiaAmazon Vevor
BlenderYesGet ItGet ItGet It
Food warmerYesGet ItGet It
Mixing bowlYesGet ItGet It
Scooping spoonYesGet ItGet It
Skewer or sticksYesGet ItGet It
SpoonYesGet ItGet It
Masa panYesGet ItGet It
Wooden spoonYesGet ItGet It

Ingredients for Making Masa

Short-grain rice
Medium-grain rice
Baking powder

Procedures for Making Masa

STEP 1: Soak the rice of your choice in water for at least 8 hours overnight. Have adequate sleep while you dream of your delicacy.

STEP 2: Rise and shine!

STEP 3: In a pot over medium heat, cook medium-grain rice till soft and tender. Make sure to wash before cooking.

STEP 4: Rinse out the soaked rice till the water runs clear.

STEP 5: In a blender, pour in soaked rice, pre-cooked rice, sugar, salt, yeast, baking powder, and diced onions.

STEP 6: Pour in a small amount of water. Blend till you get a smooth, thick, and creamy batter.

STEP 7: The pre-cooked rice is to make the Masa soft and fluffy, while the onions are an aftertaste when you eat.

STEP 8: Transfer the batter to a medium-sized bowl and give this a turn with a wooden paddle or spoon.

STEP 9: Allow it to rise for at least 30 minutes to an hour. This gives room for the yeast to activate itself and for fermentation.

STEP 10: Get Masa pan ready. Drizzle some oil in your pan; once hot, scoop the batter to the desired quantity and pour it into the pan.

STEP 11: Wait to cook. Allow the edges to begin solidifying.

STEP 12: Flip when bubbles begin to appear using a skewer or spoon, and cook the other side.

STEP 13: Remove from heat and serve on a plate.

STEP 14: Enjoy with your favorite stew or soup.

STEP 15: This delicacy can be topped with Dambun Nama.

How to Add Danbun Nama to Masa

STEP 1: When you scoop the batter into the Masa pan, add the Dambun Nama.

STEP 2: Quickly add another batter to cover up the Dambun Nama.

STEP 3: Allow to cook and flip when bubbles start to appear. Enjoy!


I do enjoy eating Waina a lot, like breakfast. Comment below if I missed anything or if I should know anything. Thank you.