25 Compliments that Have Nothing to do With Appearance

Written by Precious Alex-Toji

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May 30, 2022

We all love compliments. I, for sure, know I do! But, lately, I have realized that most of the compliments people receive focus on their appearance. What if I told you that there are many compliments that have nothing to do with appearance or physical look?

I see I have you wondering already. Most times, we give out compliments based on looks because this is the first impression we have of people.

According to a study, people tend to judge you immediately through your looks and decide if they are willing to give you more of their time.

So, looks tend to be the part of us that gets all of the compliments. However, there are compliments that have nothing to do with appearance. They are somehow similar to how to say I love you without saying it.

Here are 25 non-appearance compliments you can use today!

1. You are so understanding

We tend to overlook the importance of having someone who is empathic enough to understand us as a person as what we are going through. Next time you have a listening ear that gets you, dish out this compliment to that person.

2. You are reliable

Have you been disappointed by people before? Argh! It can be the worse feeling ever. So, learn to compliment people who pull up for you when they say they would, and this is one of the nicest compliments that have nothing to do with appearance out there.

3. You smell really nice

I believe, for the sake of humanity, that everyone owes everyone the courtesy of smelling nice. I love it when people smell so nice and I’m like, “come over here and give me a hug because you smell so good”.

4. You are so friendly

For an introvert like me, hearing this compliment just boosts my self-esteem in public.

5. That was very helpful of you

Always learn to use compliments that have nothing to do with appearance. You can use this if you don’t want to say thank you.

6. You are so smart

People are more than just looks. We also have our brains that need to be complimented too!

7. You have great taste in music

My top-tier compliments! I love it when people have such great taste in music and you can just hear it from their speech.

8. You have a great sense of humor

People with a good sense of humor deserve an ice cream every day. Humour is one of the things that will make someone like you. If you understand sarcasm too, this is one of the compliments that have nothing to do with appearance from me to you.

9. You are so talented

There are amazing people around who do amazing things easily. Acknowledge their talent with this compliment and watch them do more.

10. I like your laughter

We all have that one friend who laughs very weirdly. I think a lot of boys use this line when trying to woo a girl. It’s still a nice compliment though.

11. I respect you

Respect is reciprocal. Giving respect to people speaks of you as a well-trained individual. And this respect should not only be reserved for those above you.

12. That’s thoughtful of you

When people go out of their way to do things for you, courtesy demands that you appreciate them. Like when I go out to grab lunch and I bring a pack for you…

13. I admire your work ethic

This is a professional compliment you say when people exhibit standards when doing their tasks or duties. I once went to a bank and the customer care service refused to pick up a personal call until she was done attending to me.

Trust me to compliment her and she was blushing.

14. You really have an eye for details

People with a keen eye for detail are very observant. They take out time to notice how matching the red line of your gown is to the stitching of your blouse.

Appreciate that they notice the few details you overlook.

15. You mean a lot to me

Another way of appreciating someone dear to you is by telling them just how much they mean to you. Or you could show them instead by dishing out compliments that have nothing to do with appearance.

16. You are an excellent leader

Being a leader is such a heavy task. Having people take notice of how good you are as a leader can push you to do more. Appreciate a leader today.

17. Your smile is contagious

I know someone with such a beautiful smile. Her name is Bambi. If you are seeing this, I love your smile and it’s one of the best things that make my day.

18. You have such a big heart

Kind people have big hearts. Generous people have big hearts. People who think of others have big hearts.  

19. I’m proud of you

Years ago, when my dad saw my JAMB score, he hugged me and said “I’m proud of you son”. To date, those words still ring in my ears like the breaktime bell in secondary school.

If someone makes you proud, let them know. Now! It is one of the greatest compliments that have nothing to do with appearance.

20. You speak very fluently

Probably one of the most intellectual compliments, acknowledging a person’s good command of such a nice gesture, especially if you’re complimenting me.

21. You are so generous

You do not have to be rich to be generous. You can be generous with a lot of things, including your time. When people help you out, use this compliment with a thank you note by the side.

22. Your vibe is contagious

All I see are friends who are the life of the party, energetic, and always bringing good vibes. We all have that friend that lights up the room just with their presence. I am not that friend; in case you’re wondering.

23. You are a source of encouragement

Some people seem to have our back when things get tough or we can’t seem to find our way around life. This is a great way to show them you appreciate their efforts.

24. I like how honest you are

In today’s world, honesty is such a rare commodity. If you have honest and trustworthy people around you, dish out this compliment to them like the food at an owambe.

25. You are such a good friend

Finally, a good friend is a gift from earth to you. If you have friends that have been good to you, like Northpad editors, learn to compliment them.


Not all compliments have to be about how you look. There are various compliments that have nothing to do with appearance that you can use to express your admiration of a person.

Learn how to compliment people when they do things that you admire. Are there other compliments I missed? Let me know in the comment section.


What is a compliment?

A compliment is an expression of admiration, praise, or approval of a person’s actions. Usually, it is used as a courtesy to express how pleasant an action is.

Are compliments good?

Yes, complimenting someone or a group of people is good. It builds a person’s self-esteem and confidence in public. It also helps them to do more.

Is it Good to Compliment a Girl’s Look?

Yes, girls love it when you compliment their looks. Although, you’d have to be polite so it does not sound like you are harassing her.

How do you compliment someone without their appearance?

You can complement a person without their appearance. Some of the things to compliment include their behavior, thoughts, and how they talk. You can say, “I like your speech, it was nice” or, “Your composure on stage was brilliant”.

What is a non-physical compliment?

A non-physical compliment is a compliment that does not have to do with how a person appears. “Your creativity is amazing” is an example of a non-physical compliment.

How do you compliment someone on their appearance?

Be positive when complimenting someone’s appearance. Words like “You look great” or “This color suits you perfectly” are a few ways to compliment someone.  

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