Top 5 Female Hip Hop Artists to Watch Out for in Northern Nigeria

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July 18, 2022

While rapping is not a new phenomenon in Arewa, seeing females rapping is undoubtedly unique. The hip-hop industry mainly dominates males like DJ AB, Morell, Classiq, Deezell, and more.

How about female rappers in northern Nigeria? Worry not. Here is a list of female hip-hop artists in northern Nigeria

Haddy Rappia

This female rapper in northern Nigeria started rapping at 17.

The Kaduna-born rapper’s original name is Hadiza Ya’u. She focuses on the hip-hop genre of ‘Gambara,’ akin to hip-hop street rap or disses tracks.

The modestly dressed rapper also has the support of her parents. She studied at ABU Zaria. Some of her hit songs include; Tafi, Bosslady, etc.

Princess Mufeeda

One of the fastest-rising rappers from northern Nigeria is Princess Mufeedah.

Originally born in Maiduguri, Princess Mufeedah was brought up in Abuja.

Princess Mufeedah started making her music when she was 16 and was awarded the most promising Arewa female hip-hop CAFE, 2016/17.

Some of her hit songs include; Sixteen, Hot spot, Leg chain, Ruwan Jiki, Ji mana, and Baza Freestyle.

She lists Nicki Minaj as her influence and is perhaps the only rapper on the list who sings in English.

Princess Mufeedah has also acted as Salma in the hit series Kwana Casa’in in Arewa 24.

Lil Pee

Queen of Hausa Hip Hop Music, also known as ‘Lil Pee,’ is one such promising young female rapper. She is from Taraba State and was born on January 8, 1997.

Promise Bitrus Emmanuel is her real name. Because she began rapping at a young age, the young artist took the moniker ‘Lil.’

The young singer stated that she began professionally as a rapper after being inspired by Hausa hip-hop artists such as Dj Ab and Morell, among others.

The rapper is always number one in shows and awards events, and her Nicky Minaj-like performance has earned her a legion of fans. She has previously worked with Boc, Teeswagz, Kaits, and others.

Some of her songs include; Nazo, Arewa Namu, Hustle, and more.


While not a rapper, Safara’u, now known as Safa, has taken the music industry by force.

Her collaborations, including; Kwalelenka, Inda Ass, and Basu with rappers Mr442 and Madox, are all popular.

Rayya Kwana Casa’in

Originally named Surayya Aminu, this famous actress is known by her stage name Rayya, after the character she plays in the hit series Kwana Casa’in on Arewa 24.

Even though she was born in Lagos to a businessman father, she had been raised in Kaduna. She is currently studying at Kano polytechnic.

The song YANZU NE featuring Bash Neh Pah, Oga Abdul, Lilprince, Janx, and Mickey Deviper was released on 18th June 2022 on Audiomack and other streaming platforms.

Even though Rayya rapped for only 30 seconds from 2: 41 to 3:10, her part generated praise. Many fans referred to the song as the ‘best music.’


These rappers’ successes will likely pave the way for more upcoming female rappers in northern Nigeria.

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