Is Deezell a Real Artiste or Just a Show-off?

Written by Salim Abubakar

Salim Abubakar is a Biologist passionately turned to be a writer. He is sobriquetly known as Salim Khan among his buddies of Jigawa State. An internet addicted radical and resourceful young guy who is never tired of reading books, articles, and journals. He believes education is the key to every development in the world.

May 10, 2022

Ahmad Ibrahim Rufa’i, better known by his stage name Deezell, is a 33-year-old American-Nigerian singer. His parents live in the United States of America, where he was born on June 4, 1988. Deezell returned to Nigeria when he was five years old and began his basic primary schooling.

After finishing primary school, he returned to America to continue his secondary education and then to university, where he earned a degree in media and communication and international business.

Apart from that, Deezell is also an artist with numerous successful singles, including famous musicians like D AB. But does he truly have what it takes to be an artist, or is he just another showman looking for an opportunity to shine?

Let’s take a look at the facts.

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Picture credit: Instagram; officialdeezell

When Did Deezell Start Singing?

According to an interview with the rapper, Deezell’s music career began at a young age, when he was invited to perform at a show by the British Council in Kano State. After receiving praise for his performance in the front, he decided to pursue his singing career

Dezeell started his music from his early life, where he attended many kinds of music genres provably dezeell doesn’t suffer a lot in his music career due to his talent.

He is well-known, together with some younger friends of his in the music industry, such as DJ AB, Lil Prince, Jigsaw, and others.

Music Career

Deezell, a renowned Hausa rapper in Nigeria, is one of the most well-known Hausa Rappers.

He has collaborated on numerous songs with notable Nigerian artistes such as DJ Ab, Korede Bello, M.I Abaga, Classic, Ice Prince, and others.

Deezell rose to prominence after collaborating with Nigeria’s most awaited artist “Yung6ix” on the tune “Sunlight.” Later, he released “Girma,” a song with Classiq and DJ Ab. He also released a hot track called “Sunana Deezell” in 2020.

Deezell has become a household name in the Hausa music industry since then. He has worked with renowned Nigerian artists on several tracks, including Classiq, Lil Prince, Boc Madaki, and others.

Despite all these features, many believe the singer only features on tracks with successful artists and has no path himself to show for it.

Besides being a Rapper, Deezell is also a professional Actor; he landed a movie role in Hollywood in 2017. His first movie was “Life In America” Deezell’s skills in that film paved the way for him to venture into acting movies in Hollywood. He is also planning to produce his movie soon, as he announced on the microblogging platform Twitter.

Relationship with ‘Jiddarhbeauty’

Deezell is married to Jiddarhbeauty, whose full name is Hauwa Aminu Ibrahim. She is a Kaduna Based Makeup Artist popularly known as Jiddarh Beauty on Instagram. They got married in 2021. They have since been blessed with a baby in 2022.

Deezell and child
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Picture credit: Instagram officialdeezell

Before their highly publicized marriage, the rapper milked the relationship for its worth. He constantly flaunts their pictures on social media with the hashtag #Jidzel, taunting ‘haters.’

The publicity stunt reached its peak when he surprised his then-girlfriend on her 21st birthday. This was released on their YouTube channel, Jidzell TV. The rapper declared he wouldn’t be present for the birthday, yet later showed up in grand style.

The rapper enjoyed the limelight after the video was released. The year before, the rapper gifted her with 20 cakes for her 20th birthday celebrations.

But this wasn’t Deezel’s first foray into the spotlight involving his relationships. Before that, his highly publicized relationship with actress Maryam Booth resulted in a scandal.

Deezel and Maryam Booth Nude ‘Scandal’

Maryam Booth was a long-time old girlfriend of Deezel. They later broke off for reasons unknown to the public.

In early 2020, Maryam Booth accused him of recording her naked without her permission and releasing the sex video to trend in public. But Deezel, however, reacted to the allegations and denied the allegations.

This resulted in the rapper suing for ‘false accusation and defamation and demanded 10 Million compensation. The actress countersued as well.

One will think that was the end of it. It wasn’t.

The rapper sued five more individuals on social media, including; Sarki. (@Waspapping), Imam Anas (@itz_imaam), Auwal Fulani kid (@SkinnyBoi001_), Zulaiha (@UnscramZ) and Maryam Obaje, Booth’s friend.

The charges include; Criminal Defamation, Insulting and Abusive Language, Cyberstalking, and more. Despite consultation with his ‘United States Attorneys,’ the trial never saw the light of the day as nothing was heard about it anymore, leaving many to wonder if it was nothing more than a glorified publicity stunt.

The 4th of the 4 Horsemen?

Many fans of Arewa music were shocked and were not only featured on the EP ‘The Four Horsemen’ with DJ AB, Kheengz, and BOC. The trio has been considered ‘GOATS’ in the Hausa or ‘Engausa’ rap, while Deezel’s singing abilities are below par. Many were surprised by rappers ClassiQ and Morell, whose more evident impacts on the northern music industry.

“What about ClassiQ & Morell?”, a prominent entertainment blog in northern Nigeria asked. This seems to be the question on everyone’s lips.

Critics on Twitter severely panned his involvement in the project.

Deezell talks about his money and Twitter, the latter with such frequency to suggest obsession. I sincerely recommend that he considers finding other talents. In this case, those which he has.


Giveaways on Social Media

While Deezell claims to be the first Nigerian Artist to get verified on Instagram and Twitter; He constantly uses his Twitter account for ‘Giveaways,’ an act which his criticizers accuse him of doing to promote his songs. Some of the giveaways are said to be ‘fake’

I’m very sure, but I think, I have this to say about Deezell’s giveaways. For those whom he sent 100k, it’s like and that amount was subject to immediate reversal. But those 10k were real. PS – You’ll ses in 100k one, he hide the names. But in 10k the names were showing.


This perhaps also explains his large followership on social media. His Instagram account is well known with the name @officialdeezell like the one on Twitter. He has 1.1 million followers on Instagram as of April 2022.

Relationship with DJ AB

Deezell is good friends with the rapper DJ AB, featuring in many songs, including; Crush, Banaji, etc.

However, even his friendship with the famous rapper has been criticized, with many accusing AB of ‘carrying’ Deezell.

DJ AB was doing just fine and was on track to become the greatest northern artist in history until he started carrying Deezell on his back and featuring him in his songs.



Deezell is one of the most famous artists in Northern Nigeria. To some, he is a great singer and rapper. To others, he is an attention seeker and a showman. So far, evidence suggests he belongs to the latter category.

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