Kannywood’s Most Eligible Bachelor

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July 10, 2022

  • Actor Gives Reason for Not Marrying
  • Other Contemporaries Have Children Enough to Marry
  • A Case of Broken Heart or Sorcery?

Numerous weddings have been done in Kannywood in the past few months. From the controversial Maishadda wedding to the new power couple, Lilin Baba and Ummi Rahab; the industry had its fair share of weddings. Despite the wedding fever, many remain unmarried.

Out of all those, one stands out. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Baballe Hayatu, the most eligible bachelor in Kannywood.

Born in Giginyu quarters in Kano in 1975, Baballe is a household actor in Kannywood. At 45, almost the same age as contemporaries Ali Nuhu and Sani Danja — who both have daughters nearly 18 — the actor has appeared in numerous movies like Tsintsiya, Dan Almajiri, Baiwar Allah, and more. He can be considered an A-list Kannywood actor who has been successful.

But Why Didn’t the Actor Marry?

According to the actor, not even his friends know the real reason why he isn’t married. He instead says he prays about it every day.

This probably is the reason why others think perhaps the actor has been ‘cursed’ not to marry.

But has he dated other women before?

In 2016, the actor was rumored to have married fellow actress Sadiya Gyale. The actor swiftly denied that and insisted they were just friends.

The duo appeared in the famous movie; Gyale in 2004.

Will the actor eventually tie the knot?

Only God knows. As the actor said, he prays about the situation every day, and perhaps the problem will come to pass. One clear thing is that the actor is currently the most eligible bachelor in Kannywood.

Perhaps, it might stay that way for a long time.

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