How Borno Based Engineer, Mustapha Gajibo Designs Electric Vehicles

Written by Salim Abubakar

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April 16, 2022

His name is Mustapha Abubakar Gajibo, a 29-year-old Kanuri talented man from Gajibo town in the Dikwa Local Government of Borno State. He is a Borno-based vehicle engineer, He was once a mechanical engineering student at the University of Maiduguri but dropped out at 300 level. He is now Phoenix Renewable Ltd.’s Managing Director, a company that designs solar-powered cars.

Biography of Mustapha Gajibo

Mustapha has had a penchant for technical sketching and creativity since secondary school. His dream course was electrical engineering, but he was not accepted, so he chose mechanical engineering instead. He also has a long-standing interest in renewable energy and innovation.

Mustapha Abubakar Gajibo was admitted to the University of Maiduguri’s mechanical engineering department in 2012. As an undergraduate, he occasionally missed lectures, assignments, and exams because he was dedicated to his drive for innovation.

When Gajibo dropped out of his course to pursue a renewable energy program at the 300 level, his parents, friends, and lecturers expressed their concern over his rash decision.

In 2014, he registered his business as an entrepreneur.

Gajibo In The Automobile World

“Technology knows no borders and may be tapped into from any location.”

These remarks inspire young Gajibo, a clever and imaginative young man, to pursue his lifetime dream of owning an automobile and electric vehicles. Mustapha Gajibo created an electric car that can travel 200 kilometers on a single charge and fully charge in 35 minutes using solar-powered charging stations.

 Mustapha Gajibo created an electric car that can travel 200 kilometers on a single charge and fully charge in 35 minutes using solar-powered charging stations.
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He makes internal combustion engines work (ICE) vehicles into battery-operated vehicles. He didn’t stop there, as he went on to build his electric 12-seater buses.

The electric city buses have since commenced operations in Maiduguri Nigeria, and have recorded over 21,000 passengers as of April 2022. According to Gajibo, the have saved passengers over N1,100,000 by charging N50 instead of N100 and also saved the environment 27300g of Carbon monoxide.

Borno State Governor Professor Babagana Umara Zulum applauded and praised all young Borno tech developers, particularly Mustapha Gajibo, skilled in designing and implementing new technologies. He is a supporter of the solar-powered car that was built. He has also ordered the State Ministry of Transportation to accommodate and assist Gajibo in any way possible.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and Director General of the National Automobile Design and Development Council (NADDC) Jelani Aliyu, and other stakeholders in the automobile sector have also praised his work, including electric, solar-powered commercial buses, and tricycles.

The young engineer has also been named as a committee member for the National Electric Vehicle Development Plan by the NADDC.

Achievements of Mustapha Gajibo

Mustapha created all-electric vehicles to promote clean, efficient energy production while adhering to environmental rules.

Mustapha Gajibo and his team
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Mustapha Gajibo and his team. Credit: @Mustapha_Gajibo on Twitter

He is an expert at converting internal combustion engines (ICE). After converting his vehicles to battery power, he also created his own 12-seater electric buses. He received commendations from the state government, which is backing his innovation, as well as the Vice President and DG of NADDC, who promise to assist him in achieving more.


Mustapha Gajibo is a very inventive person, as he realized that the intense heat of the north, particularly Borno, is a valuable resource to be used. Northern Nigeria is endowed with an abundance of sunshine, and if people like Gajibo are given a helping hand, they will use our natural resources to assist the North flourish.

Northern Nigeria has thousands of clever and creative engineers, innovators, and outstanding designers, but they are discouraged by a lack of support.

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