Pressured by Your Parents into a Career? Here’s What You Should Do

Pressured by Your Parents into a Career? Here’s What You Should Do

Conflict of interest in career choice between parents and their children is one of the factors igniting family dispute, which eventually terminates the love, trust, unity, understanding, and harmony in a home. Oftentimes, propels children to rebel against their parents. However, to avert disheartening statements in the future such as I hate what I do and life is miserable for me because my parents are forcing me into a career I dislike, it’s best if you speak up in the right way.

Reasons Why Parents Choose Careers for Their Children

It’s wrong for parents to force their children into careers they have little or no passion for. In essence, a career is a lifetime occupation that requires you to make the decision yourself and not your parents. However, parents believe they know what’s best for their children and are in the position to decide what career they should venture into, besides they pay the bills.

Reasons for this are traced to a parental desire for a socially recognized career, careers with more job opportunities, and a selfish reason to preserve their family status. Learn more about the role of parents in their child’s career choice.

Know That Rebelling is not an Option 

My parents are forcing me into a career and I’m not interested, what can I do? Ahmad laments. His family wants him to become a doctor. Unfortunately, he grew up in a family passionate about medical sciences. His dad is a doctor, his mom a pharmacist, while his sister is into the nursing profession.

They own a private hospital. His dad continually reminded him of heading to the family hospital someday. Ahmad had something entirely different from what his parents wanted for him.

His passion was architecture, being scared of disobeying his parents he kept quiet and devised his scheme. Unknowingly to his parents, he had a change of course and for years lied to his parents hoping to convince him his excellent grades in architecture having graduating. Surprisingly, the reverse was the case. His deceit brought enmity between him and his parents shattered their love and trust for him.

Moreover, if you find yourself in Ahmad’s story you don’t have to remain silent at the expense of your happiness nor should you rebel. 

Here is What You Should Do If You Are Forced Into A Career You Don’t Like

1. Understand Your Parents

Your parents forcing you into a career probably have something good in mind. Remember, they will not make choices that are detrimental to your well-being. Their choice might be different from yours but not a horrible option. Hence, consider their perspective. Ask yourself the reasons why your parents want you to pick a certain career, is there a selfish reason? Inquire about the benefit associated with that career path.

To be more practical, how would you react if you were in your parent’s shoes someday and your child rebels against your choice? That doesn’t seem right. You can convince them when you speak from their standpoints.

2. Communicate Your Feelings Effectively

This is a medium that helps you express how you feel towards your parent’s choice, likewise convince them about your own desired career. Silence never solves the problem of your parents forcing you into a career you dislike.

Discard the feeling of fear from your mind when approaching your parents and employ the following communication tactics.

Select Your Words Carefully

To successfully convince your parents, be mindful of your word usage, avoid using words such as you have no right over me, I am old enough to make my own choices, I have my life to live. Those kinds of words harden their heart the more.

In contrast, use words like “I trust your choice for me” “I know you have my best at heart” and more.

Moderate Your Tune

Your tune while conversing either creates a negotiable atmosphere or an uneasy one. Speak with courtesy because pleasant words spoken in a calm tune loosens up the hearts and promotes agreement.

Time Your Approach

It’s a fruitless effort attempting to convince your parents when they are stressed out or upset. Hence, observe their moods, you can also set a happy atmosphere by assisting them in completing their activities for the day or prepare a surprise meal for them before approaching them.

Have A Heart-to-heart Conversation

Your parents will always rethink when every word you express is said from your heart, putting your emotions to play. Learn more about effective communication.

3. Talk To Your Role Model

Humans are easily convinced by the good example presented to them. Therefore, become courageous to show your parents people who are successful in your desired fields, this practice assures your parents that you are not making the wrong choice.

Also, provide a thousand acceptable reasons why you choose a career entirely different from theirs, the benefits associated with the career. Likewise, their success stories remind changing agents.

4. Bring in a Third Party

Perhaps, other steps aren’t sufficient, and you are afraid of approaching your parents, then get a third party involved. However, you need to be mindful of the kinds of third parties you invite. Meanwhile, there are standard third parties capable of convincing your parents about your choice. They include your Malam, Pastor or a community leader.

Furthermore, sign up for a counselling session with a career counsellor or coach, you can also invite them over to your house to talk with your parents. These counsellors are trained in the field of career choice and conflict of Interest among parents and children, hence they know the perfect approach to apply notwithstanding how difficult your parent might be.

5. Express Your Passion

Parents are humans with natural emotions. Begin by letting your parents know how difficult their chosen career would be for you and how you might end up failing in that career path. On hearing this, most times they give their support in favour of your career because no parent wants to waste their time, resource and efforts on a career that will result in future failure.

Likewise, outline your plans and objectives for choosing your preferred career for your parents.

6. Promise And Fulfil

Take responsibility for every choice you make. Your parents might doubt your success in your desired field and force you into careerism different from your plans. However, their minds and choice can be reversed by making a promise.

For instance, committing yourself to excellence and making yourself proud when given the free will to decide for yourself. Don’t make them regret their chance of plans for you.


The steps mentioned above are an effective approach to convincing your parents. You don’t have to rebel or deceive them, instead, work towards understanding and convincing them strategically knowing that they love you and would always want the best for you. 

Have you been forced into a career before? Let me know how you handled it in the comments box.

9 Funny Things Nigerian Parents Say to Their Children

9 Funny Things Nigerian Parents Say to Their Children

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Nigerian parents do an amazing job raising their children. As a result of the funny things Nigerian parents say to their children while raising them, one would say that they are the funniest parents on the planet. When a person utters such funny things, it’s a sign they were brought up by Nigerian parents.

One thing that fascinates me is how they all tell their children the same thing. It’s as if they all went to the same school where they learned what to say to their children at various times. If you think I’m being sarcastic, give a few Nigerian youngsters some of these phrases (the funniest thing Nigerian mothers say to their children) and see if they can’t connect.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive it them, shall we?

Funny Things Nigerian Parents Say

1. “How many times did I call you?”

This is one of the most preposterous questions that always come from my mother when she called my name, mostly three times; for an important conversation. She would be like ‘Ibraheem! Ibraheem!, Ibraheem! How many times did I call you? And as the crook that I was then, I would say ‘sorry I lost count’ (case close). However, as time passed, I got to realize that it might seem funny, but it was more of a strategy used to make sure that your attention is with her hundred percent.

2. “I did not kill my mother. I will not allow you to kill me!”

This is also one of the funniest things I grew up hearing from my mother. Oftentimes when I engage in rough play and she’s been calling on me to stop from the roar of her voice; like she would vomit her intestine out. Then the next thing would be, “I did not kill my mother, so I will not allow you to kill me”.

3. “Does the person that took first have two heads?”

This mostly was from my dad. Funny enough, it wasn’t as if I came last in the class oo. At times, I went home with a third or fourth position, feeling on top of the world. After showing the result sheet to him, expecting a pat on the back, ironically, I would be spatted on the face with;  “How come you came fourth, and from your result, you are about twenty in the class, (then the almighty word) does the person that took first has two heads!”. Even though he would later praise and encourage me, I will not escape those words.

4. “Come and eat me”|

The first day that particular word oozed out from my mother’s mouth, I almost fell for it. On a misty morning when I was about five years old, I woke up famished, then I walked to the backyard where she was making the morning meal. However, with a change of face, I said unto her that I was hungry. As if she was expecting that from me, she stretched forward her arm and said, “Come and eat me”. But I should have known that she was only being sarcastic, hence I was so naive to understand. But as funny as it might sound, I moved close to her, held her arm, and was about to tug my teeth onto it when she yanked me a knock on the head.

E don do, I was about 5 years old then.

5. “Put it on my head”

This is another one of the funny things Nigerian parents say to their children. At first, I thought it was only my mother that used that word, but not until one day I was in one of my friend’s house, not long, his father returned from work and instructed my friend to go pack the foodstuff he had in his car. A few minutes later, he returned with some tubers of yam in his hands. Afterward, he asked his father where he should keep them. Where I was, I was already thinking what kind of question that was, until his father responded by saying, “Put it on my head, mehh!”

6. “Sorry for yourself”

Nigerian parents are highly amusing individuals whom we admire. They often suggest that we apologize when we wrong someone, but when you wrong them, and you say sorry, they respond by saying, “Sorry for yourself”.

7. “It is not me you are doing o, you are doing yourself!”

I remember when I was in High School, a few weeks before my external exam, I got myself a girlfriend which was taboo for our parents to know about. Then this particular night, I was having a phone conversation with her, so engrossed in it to the point I was caught off-guard by my father. However, he started yelling at me, reminding me of how unserious I was, that I would be having my external exam in a couple of weeks, and all I thought was left in my life was chasing girls around. Then there came the word; “It is not me you are doing oo, you are doing yourself, but know that if you fail this exam, that is the end for you, as I don’t have another money for another exam”. But unfortunately, I didn’t make my result, twice. So when he registered me for the GCE exam, I knew I didn’t do myself alone.

8. “Shey you want to beat me? Oya beat me na!”

Most times when your parents are beating you and you held on to their cane, they would leave the cane to you and would be like, ‘Shey you want to beat me ni, oya beat me na.’

9. “When I was your age, I was…”

They say, “When I was your age, I used to wake up at 4: 00. When I was your age, I was the best in my set. When I was your age, I did not think about having a girlfriend, all I think of was my studies; I only faced what my father sent me to school to do”. Those were the words of my father. But he will never tell me that he met my mother in his second year in college, my mother would.


A wave of nostalgia swept me back while penning the funny things my parents said to me then, as those have helped in shaping me into a disciplined being, and to a great length reminds me of the child of whom I am, which I believe it’s the same as others that were brought up by typical Nigerian parents.

Those were the little I could remember about the funny things my parents said to me, which is also common among our Nigerian parents. It would be nice you share a few of yours with us in the comment section below.  

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11 Signs That Show You Were Raised by Nigerian Parents

11 Signs That Show You Were Raised by Nigerian Parents

To be born in Nigeria is one thing. To grow up with Nigerian parents is another. But then, growing up with Nigerian parents comes with its perks. This is so because their methods of moral orientation will shape you in such a pattern that allows you to perceive the intricacies of life while growing up. Nigerian parents don’t allow their children to do useless things. Thus, they nurture their children until the ethos inculcated in them becomes unforgettable.

However, growing up in a Nigerian home can make some children feel suffocated by the iron hands used in moulding them. But it doesn’t kill them. It only makes them stronger. You know, sometimes, they can just be difficult to deal with. Moreover, when you see certain children or people behave in a disciplined manner, then, such is attributed to the proper upbringing. Nevertheless, Nigerian parents are often glorified for their nifty style of parenting.

Signs That Show you Were Indeed Raised by Nigerian Parents

1. Helping an Elderly Person with Work

One of the traits which exhibit that you grew up with Nigerian parents is helping an elderly figure do something. The thing may be heavy or not, it doesn’t matter. In Nigeria age is revered. Once you become an elderly person. Young people cannot just watch you carry anything by yourself.

Also, when you see an elderly person working, you give a helping hand to that person. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your parents who need helping household chores but it’s expected that the ethos inculcated in you must have given you common sense. It is more like a taboo for you to pass an elderly person without proffering any form of assistance.

2. Sneaking Out to Play With Friends

Nigerian parents so much believe in controlling the playing time of children. It’s as though they have no idea that playtime is an essential part of childhood development. For their child to play too much, it is better they read too much. If you really grew up with Nigerian parents, you can attest that it’s the strictness that makes you weasel out of the house to play with your friends.

“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” is most common among the boys. They scheme their sneaking timetable in tandem with when their parents leave home. Nigerian parents don’t understand the language of harmonizing work with play.

3. You Never Cry When Lashed

Spare the rod and spoil the child, has always been one of the most cherished principles of Nigerian parents. They don’t want to hear you preach things like counselling their children to stop them from doing something wrong. The only instrument that serves as deterrence towards something bad is “Koboko whip”. They’ll batter your body black and blue, adding that, “if I hear pim, you’ll receive more.”

You are already in pain and wouldn’t want to be flayed alive, so you’ll cry inwardly. When they flog you, they warn you not to wail.

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4. Wanting to Become a Medical Doctor

One of the most intriguing parts about growing up with Nigerian parents is the subconscious persuasion of becoming a medical doctor. (Nigerian parents are not moved by the mere idea of becoming veterinary doctors.) Nigerian parents love to extol the medical profession like it is in every child’s destiny to embrace it. They make it seem like any profession that isn’t MBBS is second.

A lot of Nigerian children out there were, and are still made to believe that becoming a medical doctor is one of the best decisions a child can make regarding future ambitions. But their parents preferred them to study MBBS as one of the most accomplished courses in one’s life. They imply that other professions do not have first-class regard like medicine.

5. Sneaking Out to See Your Lover

This point is mostly connected to girls. Nigerian parents are anti-boyfriend and protective when boys start seeing their daughters. They get this popular belief that boyfriends are a distraction as well as a harbinger of shame.

More so, parents are always cautious of the bad influence that comes with dating. A lot of girls on the other hand cannot do without seeing their boyfriends. Thus, they sneak out to spend time with their lovers.

6. Putting on a New Dress You Don’t Fancy

You just can’t escape this one if you’re growing up with Nigerian parents. From sewing dresses with mawkish style to buying clothes you don’t find attractive. Sometimes Nigerian parents don’t give you room to select what suits your taste buds.

It’s one of those annoying things Nigerian parents do. You must bend to their command, which is regarded as absolute.

7. Avoiding Eye Contact With Elders

Whenever an elder speaks to you, your eyes must never meet theirs. It is perceived as utter disrespect seeing a child look at elders in the eyes when spoken to. So when you’re growing up with a Nigerian parent, you’ll learn to lower your gaze when an elderly person is talking.

The moment an elderly person notices you look at him/her in the eye, the first thing that comes to their mind is that the child is from an uncultured home. And most Nigerian parents don’t allow such indiscipline to manifest in their children.

8. Early Morning Pleasantries to Parents

Nigerian parents love it went their children are well disciplined. Whenever a child wakes up in the morning, it is a ritual to greet his parents. When you grow up with Nigerian parents, early morning sleep isn’t an excuse. If one wants to be free from their drama, it is best to occupy oneself with morning chores.

In addition, Nigerian parents do not tolerate nonsense. They strongly believe in discipline from A-Z. If you happen to come across someone who greets his/her parents early in the morning, you should understand that that person comes from a Nigerian setting. It becomes part and parcel of that person.

9. The Joy of Guests’ Leftover

Truth be told, everyone knows how Nigerian parents regard guests, they treat them like gods. The way they appease them will amaze you, so much that their children will be craving for the leftovers of either juice, snacks, etc.

Nigerian children like to scavenge the packages given to guests. They will be yearning and waiting patiently for the guests to say “I think I shall be taking my leave” so that they can taste all the sweat their mothers broke to make such a masterpiece. Nothing excites Nigerian children like asking their mother, “can I drink the remaining Fanta?” They’re always hopeful that their requests become granted after their long-term patience.

Typical Nigerian children are crazy!

10. You are Always Greeting a Person You Don’t Know

One of the signs that shows growing up with Nigerian parents in one is when parents call their children to greet a distant relative or a family friend. “Mansur, come and greet my mother’s step-grand uncle. He used to visit us when you were born.” And then, the guest will respond, “You won’t know me.” Proudly, they will say it in a tone of jest. And as a child, you have no choice but to greet them.

Nigerian parents are funny people. You can’t take it away from them. Some of the things they do will just leave you shaking your head inwardly, especially as a child. “Mama why na?” can be one of the things that will cross your mind but then, you love them anyway because of their selfless sacrifice.

11. Assisting an Elderly Person Carry Stuffs

There’s a difference between growing up with a Nigerian parent and growing up with a “Nigerian parent”. The first one in bold means Nigerians who are hardworking and train their children to be disciplined in all ramifications, while the second one simply means Nigerian parents who do not strive to inculcate proper values into their children. In a nutshell, when we speak of Nigerian parents, we talk about the first one.

Another sign that shows one grew up with Nigerian parents is assisting an elderly person carry anything with a considerable amount of weight. It is taboo to see an elderly person carrying, let’s say a piece of luggage, and you confidently just walk past them or even ignore the elderly person. The ideal thing to do is to quickly collect the item from the elder, even if the elder says you should leave it. When they say leave it, you should have the sense not to “leave it”.

Nigerian parents don’t allow the infection of indiscipline to afflict their kids.


Summarily, it is reasonable to conclude that growing up with Nigerian parents impacts you in so many ways. Yes, Nigerian parents are strict, that’s unequivocally true. But then, they display their strictness at the cost of giving their children the best in everything. Nigerian parents hate to hear people blemish either their name or reputation.

So as a child, when you’re being raised by them, you’ll ooze with so many traits that whenever people see you, you’ll be recognized and also respected. Those signs can boldly be perceived like messages written on a billboard.

Please feel free to drop your thoughts and opinion on this article. Thank you.

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People Will Only Respect You If You Do These 13 Things

People Will Only Respect You If You Do These 13 Things

Nowadays, respect is something that has become scarce in our society. One tends to lose respect in the eyes of people around him/her without even realizing so. Well, some make deliberate efforts to lose respect in the eyes of people due to their nonchalant attitudes. And some, on the other hand, lose it because they fail to understand the core values and attitude that needs to be inculcated to help keep his/her respect in the sight of people. If you are by any chance worrying about how to get people to respect you, then worry no more as I have to your aid.

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given.

Hussein Nishah

It is important to note that to have people respect you, you have to earn it and not demand it. Demanding for it only brings about more hatred on you by the people you are asking that from. Below are some of the ways or attributes that one needs to have to be respected by people around him/her and even far away.

13 Ways to Get People to Respect You

1. Be Yourself

Being oneself entails one to be in their most natural, sincere, comfortable, and ingenious state of mind. I will advise that you should always try to be yourself around people wherever you find yourself. As tempting as it may be to be what you are not because you do not want to feel inferior among people or in a crowd, do not.

The repercussion of not being yourself is that there will surely come a time that people will find out the real you no matter how good an actor you are. Of course, you know what that means to your integrity. However, if you have an attitude generally not acceptable in society or the people around you, quit it. For instance, theft lies, and the likes are habits that one shouldn’t be associated with.

So, if you want to be respected by people, always be yourself.

2. Be Independent

One of the fastest and surest ways of getting people to respect you is by being independent, most especially being financially independent. If you want to lose your respect in the eyes of people within a short period of time, be financially dependent.

Therefore, do not beg people to survive. Be able to fend for your needs and that of your family without asking anyone, if not, people, even your family will see you as a liability and do not even want to see you close to them or associate themselves with you.

This is where hard work comes into play. You can’t skip this hurdle if you are lazy. Find something to do to earn a living no matter how little it is and give in your all to it, then wait for God’s blessing as His blessings cover and surround everything.

3. Respect People Too

Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you’ve got to give it.

R.G. Risch

If want to get people to respect you, respect them too – it is should be a two-way thing. Do not look down on anyone simply because you are wealthier than they are, educated, privileged, and the likes. Respect people regardless of their status. Everyone feels good and honoured when you show them respect. This will make them reciprocate that gesture by respecting you too.

4. Always Mind Your Business

Looking for how to get people to respect you? Do not meddle in peoples’ affairs. Stop interfering in matters that do not concern you. As such, do not gossip, backbite, blackmail, and eavesdrop on and about people. Also, asking people married couples who haven’t had a child the reason why they haven’t is not minding your business, so also asking someone why he/she is lean. These are matters that do not concern you. You will just end up opening their old wounds.

Remember, you have lots of things to worry or care about regarding yourself. Why don’t just focus on them and try to see ways you can be better as a person?

5. Care for Your Friends and Family

This is the unwavering and unconditional support you give to your friends and family. In other words, it means going above and beyond to care for them out of genuine concern for their health, happiness, and wellbeing and not out of obligation.

Always know that people have eyes and can see. They will surely respect you for that, not only them but people around who notice.

6. Empower People

Do you want people to respect you? It’s simple, just empower them. Empower them in any way that you can. Do not just concentrate on yourself, your family, and your friends. No. Go out there and seek people who need your help and make their lives better. Be the reason that made them not give up in life. Make their lives meaningful.

You don’t only empower people when you give them money, No. As a matter of fact, there are different ways to empower a person.

Take, for instance, you have the opportunity to help someone get a job, then make it happen without asking for a penny in return; you have the opportunity to smoosh someone to help another get assistance – say a promotion or get selected in a programme that means so much to them, then do it. This will surely earn you respect in the eyes of the people.

6. Acknowledge and Respect People’s Opinions and Feelings

Respect other people’s feelings. It might mean nothing to you, but it could mean everything to them.

Roy T. Bennett

We are all humans but different in a number of ways and of course, have different ways of seeing things. You may choose to see Tuwon Masara as a delicious delicacy for instance, but I see it as trash! Sometimes, we may agree on certain things or issues.

In other to earn the respect of people, learn to respect their opinion. Try and see things from their own perspective as that will help you acknowledge and respect whatever it is they have to say or do.

We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful.

Taylor Swift

7. You Want to Know How to Get People to Respect You? Dress Modestly

As the saying goes,

Dress the way you want to be addressed.

Modesty entails you dressing in a way that appeals to the majority of the people around you or the place you live in or where you are going. In the northern part of Nigeria for instance, modesty is something that is very common as people hardly dress half-naked. You can’t be respected if you live in environments like that and not dress in that way.

In addition, nobody takes you seriously if you are not modestly dressed. For instance, you can’t be having a hairstyle like the head of a rooster and expect people you meet for the first time to respect you. As a matter of fact, the first attribute they will associate you with is irresponsibility.

8. Say ‘No’ to Social Vices

Knowledge will give you power, but character will give you respect.

Bruce Lee

Social vices are bad traits or behaviours such as drug addiction, illicit sex, evil or immoral behaviours such as examination malpractice, murder, thuggery, and other criminal tendencies. Whatever status or respect you have, even if it is as high as a mountain, engaging in social vices can bring it down in no time.

If unfortunately, you happen to be a perpetrator of such acts, now is the right time for you to stop associating yourself with them; there is no better time than now. Nonetheless, if you haven’t, do not embrace it. You have clearly seen how some people have gone insane as a result of drug abuse, or got pregnant out of wedlock, or were expelled from school as a result of examination malpractice.

So, if you want to be respected by people, say no to social vices and do not perpetuate them in whatever form.

9. Be Educated Enough

There is something about an educated person that tends to attract people and gain respect from them without even trying. Of course, as an educated person, the way you talk, listen, reason, think, analyze, walk, and the likes is different your counterpart’s. All these positive attributes about you are what people are looking for to respect you.

On this note, I urge you to be educated. Get up and dust that lazy ass of yours and seek knowledge.

10. Be Trustworthy

Being trustworthy is when one is deserving of trust and confidence and is also dependable and reliable. As a matter of fact, this is something almost gone missing amongst many people nowadays as against what we have a few decades back.

Be someone who people can rely on when your testimony is needed anywhere, any time; be someone who when money or a valuable item is given to, will be available as it is without damage or misplacement or theft; also, be someone who people can entrust anything to and be rest assured.

All these trustworthy attributes should be seen in you to attract respect from people.

11. Settle Down

Settling down is one of the fastest ways of attracting respect from people, most especially in this part of the country that we are – Northern Nigeria. It is not surprising that it does because of the sense of responsibility that you have for your partner or kids. You tend to be a more responsible person compared to when you were single.

So if you want to attract respect from people, quickly tie the knot with someone – someone deserving though.

12. Always be Courteous

You are said to be courteous when your good manners show friendliness and concern for others. Be willing to hold the door for people entering a building with you; be willing to speak politely to a person below you in terms of social status and literacy; also, be willing to help the aged lift or move stuff even without being asked to – this is actually one of the signs you were raised by Nigerian parents.

In addition, courteous behaviour is a reminder of the value of good manners. So if you want to be respected by people, try the habit of courteousness.

13. Give In Your All to Make Money

I saved the best for the last – make money. How to get people to respect you? Try hard to get something doing to fetch you money legally. It could be hobbies that bring in good money or a side hustle while working full time. I know you are smiling now. People naturally have the proclivity to respect people who spend like they don’t care.

With money, you can buy respect I tell you. Furthermore, people will listen and obey you way more than they will for people in authority most especially when you have the giving hands. With money, you can even have your in-laws bow before you.

That’s the power of money!


Being respected is something every normal person wants to be attributed to. It gives you that sense of importance in the eyes of your friends, family, spouse, children, community, and society at large. On the other hand, lacking the respect attribute makes you less important in society.

How to get people to respect you is an easy goal if you attribute yourself to the above-mentioned ways.

If you find this article worthwhile, kindly leave a comment in the comments section.

The next step after getting respect is to make a good impression on people.

10 Interesting Facts About First Borns Should Know

10 Interesting Facts About First Borns Should Know

Individual birth position can influence one’s behavior and how one views life in general. These traits are noticeable even at a tender age – inherent. However, we’ll be focusing on those amazing facts about first borns that distinguish them from others.

Firstborns occupy significant positions in every family, irrespective of their gender. This is because they are the first child to open the womb of their mother before the couple expects other children. These sets of people possess a certain quality that makes them distinct and unique. I am going to mention some here.

Fascinating Facts About First Borns

1. First Borns are Independent

An increase in age and maturity indeed makes one independent. In contrast, by being a first child, you attain an independent attitude easily and from an early age. This is portrayed in their ability to take proper care of themselves and their younger siblings in the absence of their parents if need be.

Also, they have the ability to make certain decisions by themselves without worrying about making the wrong choice. 

2. First Borns Tend to Fend for Themselves Early in Life

As they grow up to maturity, it’s likely to see them established early with a means of earning a living. Of course, a vast number of them learned the act of skilful saving and engaging in little businesses. They have high chances of taking over their family business, if there are any, and fostering continuity.

Unsurprisingly, they do not have a lazy attitude to carry out their duty, rather they are diligent and committed.

3. First Borns are Leaders

Naturally, firstborns occupy a leadership position, saddled with the responsibility to lead their other siblings. This serves as a building ground that prepares them for effective leadership roles when appointed. This implies that they will give in their best to portray excellence since they already know what leadership is all about right from childhood.

Interestingly, the attitude of organization, management, care, and love comes alive in them without much effort; it’s one of the pivotal facts about firstborns.

4. Perfect Pace-Setters are First Borns

Every first child eventually becomes a role model to their younger siblings. Hence, they are the ones who pave the way for others to experience a smooth ride. Therefore, they are considered the most sacrificial, since they want to be seen as a good example and a pace-setter.

This is why they are mindful of the kind of life they live; to avoid having a bad influence on their younger ones who look up to them for directions.

5. Creativity is One of the Interesting Facts about First Borns

Indeed, first borns are purpose-driven and goal-oriented. This mindset fosters creative thinking within them unconsciously. Oftentimes, they are the first to see opportunity amidst disappointment. Subsequently, their creativity enables them to practice effective time management, financial budgeting as well balancing work and family.

Furthermore, firstborns are mostly engaged in one or two activities – innovation is their watchword. Sorting out ways to make life better and easier for themselves and those who look up to them. 

6. Bravery and Courage is Evident in First Borns

The vast majority of determined men and women are most likely firstborns. Due to the position they occupy as the first, they tend to be the first to try anything new before others. In order not to disappoint their younger ones who are confident in them, they clothe themselves with the armour of bravery and courage. They wouldn’t trade the trust bestowed on them from others for anything.  Hence, they are prone to risk-taking and going the extra mile to achieve success.

First borns rarely give up on their goals even if it seems the result isn’t forthcoming. They never take “No” for an answer, instead, they find a way of motivating themselves back on track. 

7. First Borns are Quick Adaptors

Among the fascinating facts about first borns is their ability to adapt to every situation they find themselves in. This implies that they have a high assimilating capability. In addition, are quick to improvise an alternative route when the previous isn’t working as expected.

They also enjoy engaging in vocational skills and often learn them within the stipulated time.

8. First Borns May Be a Bit Authoritative

Since firstborns are purpose-driven and goal-oriented they always want things to go as they have planned them to be – without entertaining other suggestions. Oftentimes, this makes their leadership position more authoritative and forceful.

However, they can adjust their attitude when they learn that leadership is all about teamwork. Although, behind that authoritativeness is a sacrificial, loving, and caring leader. In other words, they’re been authoritative to achieve a set goal and nothing more.

9. There is a Strong Love Connection Between First Borns and Their Parents

The love bond between parents and a first born is more compared to other siblings— it’s natural and not a form of discrimination. Their connection is fostered by the quality time they spend together. In other words, parents’ undivided attention is channelled towards their first child due to the absence of another for the time being. Therefore, first borns get to soar high as a result of the support, encouragement, and love received from their parents.

In addition, firstborns become morally built up because their parents do take out time to imbibe in them solid advice, morals, principles, religious beliefs, and culture—that’s expected of them as a member of that family and the society at large. 

10. Faithful Friends are Likely First Borns

Subsequently, try to take a survey of the birth position of your faithful friends, those you can count on to come to your rescue in time of need. It will amaze you that the majority of them occupy the first born position in their families.

This is to say, the probability of getting disappointed by a friend is thin when you associate with first borns. 


Furthermore, firstborns are hardworking, therefore, have higher chances of success. However, the above-listed facts about first borns are not restricted to only firstborns. But, it does mean that the majority of the firstborn portray that trait.

As first born, what are those unique traits peculiar to you alone?