100 Fascinating Facts About Love

Updated: Jan 19, 2022
By Editorial Staff
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The desire to love and feel loved is inherently built-in for everyone. So, while many view love as a strong affection towards someone or something it goes beyond mere affection. Love which begins with affection affects both emotional, physical, social, mental, health, academic and every aspect of a person’s life.

In addition, love is of various types. It also means different things to many people. To some it means security, others it’s commitment and to the rest somewhere in-between. Therefore, irrespective of what love means to you, it’s necessary to know what love entails in general, this enables you to know how best to go about this uncontrollable feeling called love.

Which of these facts about love is your favourite? Do let us know in the comments section!

Surprising Love Facts

1. Love is addictive. Don’t be puzzled, this is because those hormones that your brain releases when you’re in love are intensely euphoric, and makes you addicted to the person you’re in love with.

2. Love makes you go crazy and go the extra mile. The same levels of serotonin that bring about infatuation are found in those with obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is an anxiety disorder.

3. Did you know that your personality changes positively when you fall in love? This is because you will do everything within your means to please the one you love and appear trusted.

4. Research shows that men fall in love faster than women— Reason being that men are moved by what they see rather than what they think.

5.  Love makes people more empathetic towards people and not only the one they love— The ability to understand the emotions of others. 

6.  Interestingly, 4 minutes is enough for you to decide if you like someone or not— This theory is based upon first impressions which matter a lot. 

7. The Heartbeat of lovers synchronizes when they look into each other’s eyes— It’s a natural phenomenon that happens within 3 minutes of constant staring.

8. Interestingly, there is a high chance of being attracted to those who look and smell like our parents— This is true especially if you were close to your parents. 

9. Did you know that what sustains a relationship is called committed love because romantic love is temporary? A type of love that always demonstrates trust for their partners. 

10. Thoughts about sex makes a person focus on momentary details rather than long-term plans and goals.

11. Majority of long-term relationships thrive based on attractive faces and not attractive bodies.

12. If you want to stay happy, always express gratitude towards your loved ones— In essence, be thankful for every little act of love your partner does. 

13. Butterflies in the stomach are real and they’re caused by adrenaline— A neurotransmitter responsible for sending nerve signals.

14. Constant staring into each other’s eyes can make strangers fall in love— The eyes are communicators of emotions. 

15. Monogamous relationships which involve having one partner for a lifetime exist among animals too.

16. Research suggests that most people will fall in love around seven times before they get married— Mainly because they are in search of the right one for them. 

17. Most especially females find it difficult to look their crush in the eyes. This makes them feel shy.

18. It’s because love is blind that humans can fall in love irrespective of someone’s flaws

19. When a breakup happens, men are the most hurt if they truly loved their partner— When an average man truly loves, he gives his all to please the one he loves.

20. Oftentimes, people with dilated pupils look more attractive— Dilated pupils highlight a person’s beauty and it’s an indicator to know when someone likes you.

21. Did you know that you get attracted to people based on your likes and dislikes?

22. Neurotic partners become more optimistic and self-confident, because of the positive emotions and experiences associated with the relationship.

23. Surprisingly, women take 15 days to fall in love while men only need 8 seconds— During this time she carries out her secret background check about the man. 

24. Exchange of love letters is one of the oldest, long-standing ways to express love— These letters can be read, held and kept as memorabilia. 

25. If you don’t speak with the one you love for more than 48 hours, you begin to feel sick and depressed.

Weird But True Facts About Love

26. What makes people addicted to cocaine is also activated when people fall in love—It’s called Dopamine.

27. In recent times being in love is the number one reason why people get married.

28. Testosterone creates desire as well as aggressive behaviour, which may push you to pursue the person who is creating this desire— Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced primarily in the testes of the male. 

29. Research has shown that traumatizing events, like a break-up, can cause real physical pains in the heart and this condition is called Broken Heart Syndrome.

30. Did you know that the human senses are heightened, likewise, the fight or flight response system is more active during young love? This is a period where both spouses can do the impossible. 

31. It’s wrong to blame women for being love bonded with their child. The reason is that romantic love and mother-to-child love share a similar hormone called Oxytocin.

32. Companionate love is the combination of intimacy and commitment. This means you have to be close and faithful to your partner. 

 33. Cuddling reduces pain. This is because research has shown that Oxytocin, the love hormone found in the brain, ovaries and testicles reduces pain like headaches and others.

34. The attitude of gratitude improves love relationships— When you show you appreciate the efforts of your spouse, they are motivated to do more. 

35. Did you know that it’s the brain that falls in love, not the heart? Love hormones are triggered in the brain, they further stimulate affection in the heart.

36. Oxytocin, the love hormone when elevated, can foster negative love behaviours like jealousy.

37. The more you ignore the one you love the more you fall in love with them— Since you can’t stop thinking about that person. 

38. Oftentimes, love begins with physical features most especially for men.

39. Relationships that exist between people of opposite nature last longer— It will result in an endless journey of adventure, whereby there is always something to learn from each other!

40. The one who cries with you in your pains, will stick longer with you through the thick and thin.

41. Oftentimes, men appear attractive wearing red compared with other colours— Red seems to highlight the masculinity of every man. 

42. In every relationship time is a revealer and builder of things—it’s one the basis of time you know if you truly love someone and vice versa.

43. Some love therapists have revealed that a  talkative woman and quiet man make a perfect match— Whenever the woman sparks up a conversation, the man will listen attentively without interference.

45. About 3 million people in the world go on their first dates every day. This means people fall in love every day. 

46. Indeed, true love waits! Oftentimes, it spans from 10 to 50 years waiting to marry the one their heart beats for.

47. Research shows that a crush lasts for just 4 months, but if it continues after that, it’s said to be love— Crushes are always temporary emotional feelings. 

48. People find symmetrical faces more attractive as this is an indication of good health.

49. When a guy likes a girl, he’ll look her in the eye, but when a girl likes a guy, she’ll look away— This is just the way both genders express love, it’s part of our genetic makeup. 

50. Interestingly, love triggers the production of several euphoria-inducing chemicals in your brain that stimulates 12 areas of the brain at the same time.

Amazing Facts About Love

51. A man is most likely to fall in love with a woman who makes him feel like a man.

52. Societally, men are the ones who make the first move in a relationship. In contrast, a woman who is courageous to make the first move is the most committed.

53. Love is a psychological reaction. That’s why you think about someone you’re attracted to when love-related topics are discussed.

54. To make your man love you more, endeavour to cling to him in the presence of people, most especially other rival suitors.

55. You grow intimate with the one you love when you both laugh about things together— Laughing together shows you both have common likes and dislikes, which makes a perfect match. 

56. Research proves that every love relationship begins with obsession caused by high release serotonin— Serotonin is a chemical messenger that’s believed to act as a mood stabilizer. 

57. Did you know that music tends to make or destroy a lovely date? Romantic lyrics create an atmosphere of love while unromantic lyrics do the opposite. 

58. Staying angry with the one you’re in love with for more than 3 days is a sign you don’t love that person genuinely.

59. Women are attracted to men based on behaviour and memories— Women evaluate men based on their actions and reactions around them even before noticing their looks. 

60. Research shows that Oxytocin fosters long-term love bonding in humans— This hormone increases understanding and communication, which are pivotal in sustaining a relationship between mates. 

61. Interestingly, copying the way someone behaves or speaks is a sign that you’re attracted to them.

62. Those who are highly concerned about their partner’s body and looks are only after a short-term relationship.

63. Love triggers the increase of brain cells like Adrenaline, norepinephrine and dopamine. 

64. Did you know it takes 15 months and 27 days to forget the one you love after a breakup or separation? This is made possible because time is a healing balm. 

65. The first known love songs were written 4,000 years ago.

66. The inability for someone to feel loved or love others is called hypopituitarism.

67. In every relationship a man is more likely to cheat compared to a woman—since men are moved by what they see.

68. There is a high probability of falling in love with someone who rendered you help when you needed it the most.

69.  Across the globe many women tend to fall in love with men that are tall, funny, successful and have a well-built body structure.

70. Love influences every part of our body. In sort, your pupil expands up to 45% per cent when you look at someone you love

71. Distance is a revealer of genuine love in every relationship— If you and your spouse still keep in touch despite the distance shows the love is genuine. 

72. Men prefer showing love through actions compared with their female counterparts who show love by speaking it.

73. Psychologically, a man can flirt with a woman without falling in love with her.

74. Broken Heart Syndrome affects more women than men— This is because women are more emotional when compared with men.

75. Genuine love makes a man overprotective of the one he loves— He unconsciously ensures that all the needs of the one he loves are provided and nothing by any means hurts that person. 

Psychological Facts About Love

76. On rare occasions, women tend to be jealous when their partner is wealthy and high in status. To some extent, they feel intimidated. 

77. The compliment a man receives from the woman he loves sticks in his memory for the rest of his life.

78. One of the main signs that a guy is no longer in love or interested in a relationship is that he stops replying to your messages quickly or giving you less attention— everyone creates time for the one they love.

79. When a man is always a call away from your needs and wants, it’s an indicator he truly loves you.

80. A man becomes less committed when he feels neglected or threatened— This shows that men too need attention and are designed to lead a relationship. Once that position is threatened they become less committed. 

81.  Did you know that men are designed to protect the women they love, it is simply a part of their DNA?

82. Women find men with deep voices more attractive— Deep tones highlight the masculine nature of a man. 

83. A perfect love comprises passion, commitment, and intimacy.

84. The feeling of love may be interpreted by the brain, but you need your heart to truly understand how you feel.

85. Sadly, romantic love dies after a year, hence you need attachment love to forge ahead. This endures tough and rosy times. 

86. Looking at a picture of your loved one can relieve pain— Viewing those pictures brings back happy memories that relax the body. 

87. Testosterone is also a confidence hormone produced in the testes of men. 

88. Biologically, a woman’s tears are a chemical signal which has the tendencies to reduce arousal and lower testosterone levels in men.

89. Humans can decide whether to trust a person or not within a few seconds of meeting a person— Through the behaviours of that person. 

90.  Men who kiss their wives in the morning are thought to have a longer lifespan— This act boosts productivity which improves the body’s general well-being. 

91. Some men find women with high pitched voices more attractive— It highlights the feminine nature in a woman.

92. In the concept of love, one man’s choice is another man’s dislike— This implies that what you call beautiful might not be beautiful in another’s sight. 

93. Women tend to be more attracted to men with prominent cheekbones and a strong jawline— This is linked to high testosterone levels.

94. Did you know that you’re able to relate to the person you love with your best songs? Whoever name pops up in your mind when listening to your best song has an emotional connection with you. 

95. Kindness is the best tactic to win the heart of someone you love— Majority are attracted to those who offer them help when they need it the most. 

96. People who blush easily can’t hide their emotions and are seen to be more trustworthy— This is because blushing shows they are attracted to someone or something. 

97. Successful relationships are possible among those with healthy self-esteem— This helps eliminate the thoughts that they aren’t enough for their partner or their partner is cheating on them.

98. Did you know that your memory improves when you’re in love? The brain needs to release dopamine in order to store long-term memories.

99. Historically, human sweat has been used to make love-attracting perfumes and even love potions—This is because it contains pheromones, attractive chemicals.

100. Humans can tell if someone is suitable for them or not, at first sight— The first impression fosters love at first sight. 

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