How Popular Tambola Dance is Sweeping Northern Nigeria

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November 16, 2021

Most societies and cultures use traditional dance to express joy, satisfaction or simply to entertain during festivals and ceremonies. Hausa culture is no exception. Some of the common traditional Hausa dances include; Rawar Koroso, Rawar Bankaura, Sangaya dance and more. While most of these dances are seldomly done, Tambola dance otherwise known as Rawar Tambola has regained popularity recently, and is sweeping across all states in northern Nigeria and even beyond.

So how did this dance become popular? How did it originate? Join me as we answer your questions regarding this popular dance.

Origin of Tambola Dance

As mentioned earlier, Tambola dance (Rawar Tambola) is one of the popular traditional dances in Hausa culture. However, the dance was in decline and was only limited to a few people.

This all changed in 2019 when the dance made a comeback and suddenly became popular. The dance was performed by a renowned MC in Katsina, MC Masanzie, and it quickly became a hit.

While the dance has been in existence for long, the recent resurgence and popularity of the Tambola dance can be attributed to Mc Masanzie, who made the dance viral. The dance is more popular in Katsina state, where the Mc is based.

How Popular is Tambola Dance?

In its popular days, no wedding is complete without the guests dancing the Rawar Tambola. Thanks to social media, the dance instantly became a hit, with many showing their dance skills online.

The dance is popularly exhibited during weddings in northern Nigeria, most especially in Katsina state and accompanied by the popular Zee baby song.

Numerous Kannywood celebrities and others including Social media influencer Tunde Ednut have shared videos exhibiting the dance steps, gaining massive views.

As of a year ago, a video of a Tambola dance performance posted by MC Masanzie has gained 31k views at the time of writing this, while many other similar videos have gained thousand views.

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