Find Love in Northern Nigeria with These Apps

Find Love in Northern Nigeria with These Apps

Everyone hopes to meet that one special person who will transform their lives for the best. We want to meet someone who lightens up our lives every time there is a contact. We want to feel special and loved in every relationship or situation-ship we find ourselves in. The quest for a companion has gotten so serious that people now go to dating sites or even dating apps to look for a partner. Don’t think Nigeria is left out in this quest, there are also dating apps for Nigeria and these dating apps have brought forth good results.

The search for true love and a soul mate or even just a companion has proven difficult for a lot of adults in Nigeria. But with these commendable dating apps for Nigeria, one can say that it has been fruitful. Some of these dating apps for Nigeria include…

Dating Platforms for Northerners

1. Friendlite

This dating app was created back in 2012, and it is believed to be more than just a dating site, as its members can share photos, videos, blogs, play games with other members, and read the latest news. This site has an estimated amount of over 84,000 registered members with a daily visit of 9,000 members.

This site is user-friendly and it allows you to own your account and also decline or accept a friend request from any other user. It also allows you to select your preferred individual which leads to messaging because this site allows for messaging. This app is very secure and you can report any form of foul play and the rest is taken care of.

This app is very good and it is a good dating app for Nigeria because with these features above, why wouldn’t you want to choose this app as your top dating site and app? Choose this and be sure to have a great time on this site.

2. Halal Matchmaker on Twitter

This platform is a place to find love and companionship, especially for my people in the northern region of Nigeria. The meaning of halal can mean goodness or happiness.

This platform has a total of at least 64,000 followers and it helps individuals, especially those in the northern region of Nigeria, find their soul-mate. All you have to do is follow this account on Twitter and then you can see posts on this platform. You can also like, retweet, and even comment on this platform. You will be sure to find companionship on this platform.

3. Tinder

A lot of people abroad also make use of this dating app but it is also a dating app for Nigeria. This app works in a very simple way by displaying pictures of people near your location. It is another location-established best dating app in Nigeria with a simple outlook.

It is quite easy to navigate. On this app, you choose your match by swiping left and right after choosing your location. Swiping right means you agreed to a particular match and swiping left means the opposite. This app also allows you to message and view a user’s profile and see if this partner is good for you.

This app has over 2 million users in Nigeria, excluding those abroad. Just reading a few of these features, you will see that this is a very good dating app for Nigeria because once you find your match, you will see no reason to remain single!

4. Badoo

This is a social networking app as well as one of the free online dating apps in Nigeria. It has over 314 million registered users. It helps in connecting and networking with people living in your neighborhood.

This app is mostly for people looking for casual dating, although there are also testimonies of people who found their spouse on this app. It can be downloaded on the Apple store, Play store, and even on Windows OS. Like any other social networking app, you can block and report intruders on it.

You can view pictures and profiles of users, do live videos, and others. It is one of the best dating apps in Nigeria with free dating services that can be accessed.

5. Facebook

I’m very sure that you weren’t expecting to see this social media platform as one of the best dating apps for Nigeria, but it is. Facebook is many things, it’s a marketing platform, a social platform, and also a platform to find love! Did you know that at least 30% of couples in Nigeria found their other half on Facebook?! Crazy right? But that’s the truth and this social media app works tremendously well in the area of finding love.

Unlike most dating apps that have the feature of swiping left and right to reject or accept a user, Facebook’s feature is very simple. All you have to do is create an account and then you can start posting on your stories, posting on feeds for people to see what you post, accepting friend requests, wishing people happy birthday, and also deciding to reply to or decline messages from Facebook messenger. You can also join specific groups like Halal Matchmaking.

This app has at least 50 million registered users on it and at least 30% of these users are married and found their spouse online.

6. Instagram

Instagram, otherwise known as ‘the gram’ is also referred to by some people as a dating app, and not just any dating app, but a dating app for Nigeria. This app although very social has proved and given people the opportunity to find their life partner.

This app is not only for marketing and boosting your products but also for finding love and companionship in people, most people find their friends and lovers here, and just so you know this app has at least an estimated value of at least 40 million Nigerians, so why not use this social media platform to find your love? You can find love on this platform too.

Unsurprisingly, there are also platforms on this app that help you find love, like Northern Hibiscus or Halal Matchmaking.


I don’t know anyone close to me who found love on a dating site, but I have heard stories from mutual friends who found love on these dating sites. Everyone deserves love, and if you can’t find it the physical way (traditional) then you can find it digitally (modern).

The bottom line is you can find love online, and once you do find love, you can shape that relationship into whatever you guys want, you can even decide to set boundaries.


Can I find real love online?

Yes, you can, you can find real love on a dating or social media platform.

What dating app is the best in Nigeria?

To be honest, there isn’t the best dating app. Although sites say that apps like Tinder, Badoo, and even Facebook are the best, you have to find the app that works best for you.

Are dating apps secure?

Yes, dating apps are secure. You can block and report an intruder and actions will be taken subsequently.

20 Fun Things to Do On a First Date

20 Fun Things to Do On a First Date

A first date serves as the foundation to whatever relationship you are trying to build, due to its importance, you tend to worry about what to wear, what to say, how to be yourself without looking crazy, how to impress your date, how not to bore your date to death and so on. But no one really worries about the fun things to do on a first date, which will keep the vibe going in order not to mess up. Wearing a tux and a dress and talking about yourselves all day is fun but also a cliché.

You have to be innovative and creative, you have to think outside the box or even act as the box never existed, in order to get a second, third, or even a forever date. It could be a date with someone you just met or someone you have known for a long while, and you just want to spice things up.

In this article, I will tell you a few fun things to do on a first date, which involves where to go to, what to do and many others, both indoors and outdoors, Stay with me

Fun Things to Do on a First Date

1. Cook and Eat In

If you know you have an A+ in your cooking skill and you are not afraid to get a second opinion, why not try that with your date? Cooking together will help break the ice between you and your date, which will give room for comfortability.

2. Take a Stroll

This is by far the simplest fun thing to do on a first date, but most people tend to ignore it because they want to go all out, close down a park, a restaurant, or a mall just to impress their date forgetting that the main purpose of a date is to leave the other person hungry for more dates. So, if you know you are fun to be with and you have found someone equally fun to spend time with, a stroll isn’t a bad idea.

3. Movie Night

I am pretty excited about this because as a movie person I would pick movies over anything else. A good movie has a way of creating cool vibes and an awesome atmosphere. Getting movies to watch online is as easy as A, B, C.

4. Play Games

Board games like Ludo, Scrabble, Chess, Monopoly, Snake and Ladder, Draft. or video games like Play Station, Xbox, it doesn’t matter what type of game. If your date is skilled in playing games and you seem up to the challenge, why not try an indoor games competition. This will help in getting to know each other better but try not to be too competitive, so your consequent dates don’t turn into revenge dates.

5. Workout Together

If working out is your idea of fun, then you might want to add a workout session to your list of fun things to do on a first date. Trust me, if you are not the workout type, you might want to stay off this and not embarrass yourself.

6. Try Out A New Restaurant

This might sound risky, as you do not know what the food will taste like and also the environment. But it’s good to try something new, and trying out a new restaurant will help you figure out how your date reacts to new things.

7. Try Karaoke

Trust me, I am not trying to get you to embarrass yourself on your first date. Fun is fun and maybe karaoke will help bring out the craziness in your date.

8. Go Hiking

Try to find the closest natural view or mountain to you and get lost in mother natures’ wonder.

9. Go Watch A Game Together

Be it a football match, a basketball game, or a wrestling match, watching it together with your date can serve as a fun thing to do on a first date.

10. Visit A Museum

Going to the museum to get familiar with history is another fun date idea; it is educative and also romantic at the same time. It would also help you know how vast your date is in terms of history.

11. Go to a Photobooth

I saw this in a movie and I personally loved it, haven’t tried it yet but it looked fun. So, I am adding this for you to try with your date.

12. Picnic

A picnic is a great way to get to know someone. You get to know each other’s tastes and choices of food and drinks.

13. Plan a Day Trip

This idea is not for someone you just met, except if you are the spontaneous type. Planning a day trip with someone you are already friends with is a fun way to set the mood for whatever romantic plan you have up your sleeves.

14. Watch the Sunset

This is a bit unconventional, as no one really cares to watch the sunset. But that’s the fun of it, you don’t have to follow the crowd. Remember, you have to think outside the box or even act like the box never existed in order to be creative and spontaneous. So, if watching the sunset is your idea of a fun thing to do on a first date, then go for it.

15. Attend a Comedy Show

How else do you get to know your date’s sense of humour other than attending a comedy show together?

16. Go to the Beach

Where you have lots of suns, smooth sand, beautiful water, and the idea that you are both half-naked, what you get are two words; fun and romantic.

17. Bake Together

This is my favourite, not because I am a foodie but because I love to bake. You don’t have to go out to get yourselves some desserts, you can just try to bake, watch videos on YouTube if you have to. Trust me, you might make some mess, but in the end, it is going to be a fun, romantic, and well-required mess.

18. Play Like Kids

This is another fun thing to do on a first date, as you forget for a minute that you are adults, and you play like kids. You play kids games like hide and go seek, balloon or gunfight and different other kids’ games.

19. Visit the Zoo

Going to the zoo to see different animals is something you should include in the list of fun things to do on a first date.

20. Spend a Day at the Amusement Park

These days, you don’t only find children at the amusement park, adults have also turned the park into their designated date location. This is because it is fun and there are so many things to do there.


There are tons of fun things to do on a first date, depending on your idea and definition of fun.  There is no limit to what you can do to have fun on a first date and always remember to be yourself and also give room for your date to also be themselves.

That been said, if you have been on a date and you would like to share the fun things you did on your first date, feel free to do so in the comment section. And, if you haven’t been on a date and you want to try the above, it’s all yours.

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Things I Learned Too Late in Life

Things I Learned Too Late in Life

Life can be trickish. It’s not always how you want it to be. Things happen – some you are proud of and some you aren’t; some are mistakes on your part while some, you have no control over. In this article, I have come to share with you some of the things I learned late in life. Relax and enjoy your read.

8 Things I have Learned Late in Life

1. Certification Doesn’t Guarantee a Job

Na this one dey vex me pass, aswear.

When this country was actually a country one can proudly call his own, everything seems to be normal. Everything was available at a platter of gold. Nothing was too difficult to accomplish or get as long as you follow the proper channel of achieving it.

Back then, as soon as you are done studying at the University, an automatic job awaits you, and probably a car and a crib. Because of that, my parents thought certification was the ultimate way of securing a job in this country and that there was little or no need to teach me trading or any other skill aside from education.

Nowadays, the reverse is the case. You need luck and/or connections to seek a job. I graduated in the year 2012. Well, we thank God for what the certificate has got us so far, but it’s nothing to write home about because it isn’t commensurate with the efforts I have put in while studying. I then realized that had it been I had a skill earlier other than only education, my life now would’ve never been the same. I realized the best possible way to survive in this country isn’t only by studying, but having a skill.

Don’t just have the skill; be so good at it that you can’t be ignored.

2. I Should Have Married Earlier

Marriage is something one engages in life. It’s a union consisting of a husband, a wife, and their child(ren). I used to have this feeling that I’m still young and I should at least enjoy my life before I take in a responsibility; that my head is not yet ripe to settle down (which I know to be very untrue). I kept on lying to myself in that manner until now that I’m in remorse.

I’m not comparing my life to that of others but I can’t help it when I see my friends and age mates with their beautiful kids, I wish I’m in their shoes. Well, it won’t be for long before I join them.

3. I Never Should Have Shown I Was a Workaholic

I used to work in a private school some years back. Initially, I was employed as an Administrative Officer but eventually, I became the Accountant, Bursar, Store Officer, and the Secretary of the school. Initially, I was complimented a lot. We all know how private schools are. Once you show them you are competent or a workaholic, they will drain the last blood in you. I kept on complaining about the workload and they kept making empty promises. None of my records was 100% okay because of the workload and they are financially buoyant to get people to work on those positions.

The worse is that they stopped showing appreciation. I became so lean as if they were paying me with electric shock. Because of my diligence, I became so available whenever they needed me. Basically, I had no weekends!

God so kind, I got another job so I tendered my resignation. It came to the management as a surprise. The founder of the school – who was the number one in complaining called me and talked to me in a manner he had never before, trying to convince me. He was even saying my future in the school is far better than the job I got. How absurd! That was when I realized I was an asset to the school unknowingly.

Nevertheless, I still left the school. Now and then, when they are behind schedules on certain school activities, they seek my help. From then henceforth, I have become a normal employee anywhere I find myself.

An wuce wurin!

4. Never Believe Anything Your Partner Says, Verify First

Never believing anything your partner tells you until you verify is one of the things i learned late in life. I was dating this beautiful girl back in 2014. We met online. It all started as a friendship. I only see it like that, but she was on the opposite side of the coin. I made it clear to her that I’m not interested in any relationship until I’m ready to settle down. One thing led to another, she changed my intention. We started dating. During the course of dating, I made mention that I will never marry a woman older than I am.

Long story short, we dated for 3 years and even considered forming a marriage union. Four months to the proposed wedding date, we fell apart. Do you know why? I had a feeling she lied about her age to me. I got to know that when I asked her for her certificates so my brother could submit a job proposal for her in his workplace.

She initially agreed but later called and said her dad took it there already. It got me thinking. I know I’m not dumb not to have seen her certificates even once, but surprisingly, something took my mind off it; I guess that four-letter word was responsible.

So I asked my bro to help check the submissions they have. To my guess, hers wasn’t there. Then I began recalling some instances that their dots weren’t connecting. I pressurized her into letting me see her certificates so I could verify, but she adamantly refused and kept on giving me flimsy excuses.

After 2 weeks of grace, I bailed out of the relationship without a word. Since then, even if I see a nose in between a lady’s eyes and mouth, I ask if it’s really a nose. Call me crazy all you want, but once beaten, twice shy.

5. I Wish I Started Content Writing Earlier

Content writing is something entirely new in my life. It is one of the things I learned late in life; this is why.

I could remember during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, my brother, the Founder of this blog asked if I would like to be one of his writers. I didn’t say no but wasn’t really interested. So I just kept it aside. He also asked me a couple of times too, but my attitude towards it was the same; nothing changed.

In July 2021, he asked again if I can be one of his Editors not Writers anymore and I said yes. That was how my content writing journey kick-started. While editing content on the blog, I realized… hey Abu Hafsah, why don’t you give this a trial? And that was it!

The first article to my credit was 9 Things to Know Before You Marry a Hausa Lady which was published on the 15 of August 2021. And guess what? It ranked well on the google search engine.

Now, this is where my regret is. Of recent, I saw an advert on Upwork for a content writer. I decided to apply and I was interviewed that same day. The pay was very good. Unfortunately, they needed someone with 20 articles and above. Only if I had started writing earlier, would I have gotten the offer.

6. Mere Assisting a Lady in Need or Showing Her Care Could Mean to Her You Are Interested

Women are very special beings. They are different from us men and so, react differently to situations. I noticed that when you give most ladies a helping hand when they need you or give your shoulder to them to cry on, they easily mistake it for love.

If you are a woman, you need to understand that that’s not how some of us think. We just saw a woman in need and decided to help, shikenan!

I’m the kind of person who has so much respect for women. Yeah, ask people around me to verify. I believe a lady is a special being that needs to be cared for and not be allowed to do anything stressful like hard labour. Their body system isn’t like ours. Assist them whenever they need you and treat them right. However, there is an exception to this; arrogant women, toxic women, and women who don’t know they are woman.

Because of that soft spot in me for ladies, I have had many cases like this. They were so many that I had to start caring and assisting less. Now, a lady has to be very very much in need before I assist. Though, sometimes, I can’t help but give them what (help) they need. Lolz. It’s already a part of me.

7. I Wish I Had Memorized the Holy Qur’an

This is also one of the things i learned late in life. The Holy Qur’an is a book we Muslims believe in. It was revealed by God to His beloved Prophet (Muhammad PBUH) bit by bit over the course of 23 years. Memorizing all of it has its special reward according to Islamic teachings.

Back when I was very young, I use to have a retentive memory and can assimilate a lot without even trying so hard. I can remember in 1997 when this song “I’ll Be Missing You” was released; one of my brothers wanted to memorize the song and so decided to write it down. It wasn’t easy to get the lyrics of a song because we weren’t exposed to the internet and there are no sophisticated phones either. If you want to get the lyrics, you will have to play the song on a radio, listen carefully, and write it down. It is very tedious as you need to be rewinding over and over again, using a BIC pen if your radio has no rewind button. Kai jama’a, an sha bakar wuya da.

To his greatest surprise, before he could even memorize the song, I already have and I wasn’t even the one writing! In addition, most of the Surahs or Verses in the Holy Qur’an I have memorized were just by mere listening.

I wished that talent in me was harnessed and channelled towards memorizing the Holy Qur’an. Now I want to, seriously want to but the hayaniya of this country won’t let me, and my memory retention ability isn’t as good as it used to be back then.

8. I Wish I Wasn’t a Nigerian, Lols

Last but not the least is this. As much as I love my country and try to be patriotic to it, I’m not happy living in it. With the recent insecurity challenges and the prices of goods skyrocketing, and a couple of other malfunctions, no patriotic Nigerian is.

Nothing one can do in Nigeria without fear; travelling, strolling, farming, spending, praying (in churches and mosques), even sleeping in your house for fear of bandits or kidnappers.

Haba! E too much na.

I know this is something predetermined by the Almighty so, one has no control over it. Amma da a wani kasa aka haifan, ko ina ne, da tuni na ware.


The above-mentioned are some of the things I learned late in life that I wish I knew earlier. I hope you enjoyed having a taste of some parts of my life.

What’s yours?

10 Things You Should Never Say On a First Date

10 Things You Should Never Say On a First Date

Planning a first date can be nerving, overwhelming, and awkward but most people pay attention to other things and rarely focus on things to say and things to not say on a first date. Dates are usually formal for the first time as people get to know each other better, look for the best location and select the perfect outfit.

In this post, I’ll be making a list of those words and sentences you shouldn’t utter on a date. Let’s talk.

1. Leave Your Business Out of It

You are a person of ambition and success doesn’t mean you have to put it all up in your date’s face talking about how much you’re worth or how many houses you own. By doing this, you come off to your date as being rude, impolite, boastful, and cocky; this just ruins the chance of a second date. There is a thin line between being confident and boastful so try to balance this and make it clear to your date in the politest way.

A tip I’ll give here is to make sure you’re not talking about yourself the entire time. Engage with your date, ask them about their dreams and aspirations, what they would like to be. Give them attention, a listening ear and with this, an interesting conversation ensues. Get to know them better, that’s why it’s a date.

2. Politics and Religion Are a Huge Turn-off

People are different and definitely have preferences, choices, and opinions but when it comes to me, things not to say on a first date are politics and/or religion.

As passionate and interesting politics may be for you, it may not be for the other party. As such, avoid mentioning this as a conversation on a first date. In a way, politics and religious topics tend to upset people because there will be room for heated debates and different opinions. This is a date to get to know each other not to know why the Buhari’s wedding souvenirs was what it was.

But if your date is into politics, oh my then ride on. It’s your date after all.

3. Do Not Bring Up Your Ex

I must confess, I’ve been here before, and believe me, I messed up things with someone. Took me a while to realize and admit but oh well. Talking about how Isah stood you up or how Hauwah cheated on you with your best friend is a major No. Leave negative Isah and Hauwah at home!

Bringing up your ex on the first date sends the wrong messages to your date. It sends:

  • You’re still stuck and very much in love with them
  • You are instantly a turn-off
  • You’re a baggage

People don’t claim baggage in their life. I mean they want a happy relationship with someone that is not difficult or wishes her ex were still with them. Rather, focus on this person sitting in front of you, get to know them, explore new relationships. Past relationships could be talked about later in the future when you’ve created a strong bond and relationship with them.

4. “You look better in pictures”

Hold up, what’s that? That is completely unnecessary and should not be uttered to someone at all and definitely not a thing to say on a first date. For me, I believe when it comes to social media and posting, deciding on a picture to make public can be quite difficult and whatever a person posts, they believe that is their best.

What your date looks like offline and online shouldn’t be a topic of discussion even if you think they don’t look good. It’s either you point it out in a polite way or don’t tell them at all. Saying such words immediately kills their confidence and self-esteem. That is not how you want to go down this road with this new person you just met.

5. “I’m not looking for anything serious”

Sigh, were you asked? Zip that mouth already! Your date is not a hook-up or a one-night stand and neither are they cheap or wasting their time coming on this date with you. Saying such utterances is not a thing and should be off the record.

Yes, going on a date with someone means opening up to new exploration and ideas of relationships but not all the time. Dates could be harmless sometimes, you could end up being just friends with them and that’s okay.

6. Leave The Marriage Talk Out of It

There is no need to scare your date off with the plans you’ve had to have 3 kids named Hassana, Abdullahi, and Muhammad. Dates should be something fun and thrilling to do, not nerve-wracking and asking tricky questions such as:

  • “Where do you see this relationship heading in 3years from now?” My dear, it’s not an interview!
  • “Do you see me as wife material?”

It’s a date, have fun and get to know each other better. If anything will happen along the line, let it come naturally.

7. Put That Phone Down

This is my top list. When you’re on a date for the first time, your phone should be put away at all times. You’re on this date to talk, socialize, chat, get to know each other better, and have fun.

It is rude to even check your phone on a date unless it’s an emergency or something serious and your attention is needed. Remember, this person took the time out of their day for this date, make it count.

8. Own Up to Yourself

You don’t need to apologize for what you’re wearing or how you look or why a pimple popped out on your face this wonderful evening. However, your look and whatever you’re wearing, shouldn’t be a thing to worry about.

Words like that are things to not say on a first date as this tells them that you’re insecure and that you need reassurances to how you look. And this, my dear inevitably becomes a huge turn-off for them. You don’t need anyone’s validation to feel and look amazing.

Remember, first impressions always matter, and on dates, this tends to determine if you’ll be getting a second one or not. So, blow their minds away.

9. Past Sexual Experiences

This is a complete No on a first date. You do not ask your partner such and you definitely should not talk about your own sexual experiences. It is of no use to both of you at that particular place and time.

The sole aim of this date is to know each other. So, instead of talking about how you went three rounds, why not ask about your date’s dreams or what kind of pet he/she likes? Talk about something interesting and leave that out of the equation.

10. Keep the Attitude Away

It is believed that a way to know a person’s character is how they behave with people around them; for example, the waiter/waitress and staff at the date location. So, be on your best behaviour and be kind to people to impress your date. Remember, not only on a date night should this be done. Be kind always, let humanity live.


Now that you’ve read these things to not say on a first date, go ahead and lookup for the best location and the perfect outfit. Go on that date, have fun and give your date a fun-filled conversation they will not forget and will definitely ask for another.

I’ll be here in the comment section, tell me how that date goes.