If You Notice These 7 Signs, You Might Have Breast Cancer

Updated: Apr 27, 2021
By Happiness Hassan
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Breast cancer is an abnormal growth of cells in the mammary gland. Mostly affects the inner lining of the milk duct and the lobules that supply them with milk. However, the signs and symptoms of breast cancer are more pronounced compared to other types of cancer. Breast Cancer is commonly found among women and rare in men. 

According to the National breast cancer foundation, there are four types of breast cancer depending on which cell in the breast turns to cancer. Hence, in the post, I will be sharing the major signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

What are Some of the Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

1. Development of Lump in the Breast

A breast lump is a swell or bumps in the breast usually hard, unevenly shaped, immobile and different from other surroundings of breast tissues.

2. Rashes Around or on the Nipples

This is the outburst of bumpy irritations and spots with a dry surface around one’s nipple.

3. Discharge of Blood from the Breast

Associated with breastfeeding mother’s, whereby traces of blood are seen mixed with breast milk indicating breast cancer.

4. Changes in Breast Shapes and Sizes

To notice this sign and symptom of breast cancer, you must be familiar with the shape and size of your breast to be able to tell when there is a change.

5. Severe Pain in the Breast

 When you begin to experience persistent pain in the breast, don’t assume it’s a mere pain. Visit the doctor immediately!

6. Swollen Lymph Nodes in the Neck or Armpit

This is a noticeable sign and symptom of breast cancer. The lymph nodes act as filters that collect and destroy bacteria and viruses. Lymph nodes multiply rapidly when they fight infections in the body such as cancer, causing them to swell.

7. Nipple Becomes Inverted

Of course, women are having naturally inverted nipples. But it becomes a sign of breast cancer when your normal nipple such as small, protruding, flat, bumpy, puffy, and big suddenly become inverted.

Treatment for Breast Cancer

1. Surgery

The surgical method applied in the removal of breast cancer depends on the extent of the tumour. During surgery part of the tumour and nearby tissue is removed.

This is because the complete removal of the tumour results in damage to the breast.

2. Radiation Therapy 

Employs high radiation to terminate, shrink and slow the growth of a cancerous cell in the breast by damaging their DNA. Preferable carried out during the early stages of the tumour. This method is done by either external means which involves the use of a machine to send radiation to a specific part affected by cancer whereas the internal method entails the insertion of radioactive substances in the form of seeds, ribbons or capsules in the breast. 

3. Chemotherapy

This method uses certain kinds of drugs to terminate the growth and spread of cancerous cells in the breast. These sets of drugs are prescribed based on the type and nature of cancer. Chemotherapy drugs are active agents in damaging the DNA of the cancerous cell. They include temozolomide, cyclophosphamide, cytarabine, melphalan among others.

4. Herbal Treatment

Natural herbal products are employed in combating cancer. They help in stimulating the immune system which in turn fight cancerous cells most especially vegetables and fruits.

This herb includes Turmeric, ginger, garlic, laetrile saffron, oregano, and cayenne pepper. Moreover, nuts and extra virgin oil has been proven to reduce the rate of breast cancer.

What are the Preventive Measures Against Breast Cancer?

1. Avoid Alcohol Intake

Ethanol(Pure alcohol) contains acetaldehyde which causes damage to cells by binding itself to the DNA leading to cell replication incorrectly.

2. Have a Balanced Body Weight

The rapid increase in one body size promotes the growth of cancerous cells in the breast. Therefore, it’s advised you reduce the number of calories consumed and engage more in aerobics activities.

3. Avoid Post-menopausal Hormones

 Indeed postmenopausal hormones are useful in preventing diseases associated with the menopause stage. The same can increase the growth of cancer in the breast.

Hence, consult your doctor beforehand.

4. Breast-feeding Significantly Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer

Breastfeeding is helpful for breastfeeding mothers, including in the reduction of breast cancer risk. In a nutshell, you shouldn’t refuse to breastfeed your child within the infant age.

5. Avoid Birth Control Pills

Research has proven that pills are taken to prevent pregnancy often have an adverse effect on the breast promoting breast cancer.


All the mentioned signs and symptoms of breast cancer must be taken seriously. When signs persist visit the hospital for a proper check-up. Furthermore, don’t engage in self-medication without proper knowledge of the type of breast cancer.

Also, share your thought about breast cancer in the comment section below.

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