12 Effective Tips That Helped Me Lose Fat Quickly

Written by Ajibike Maryam Olaitan

Ajibike Maryam Olaitan is a motivational writer whose write ups talk about basic issues and how to get by them. She is also a selfless person and a good listener. When she's not writing, she's trying to learn new things that might be helpful to not just her but also people around her.

July 13, 2021

When it comes to how to lose body fat quickly, there are so many steps on the internet, some would tell you to go on a high protein diet, some would tell you to work out regularly, a lot of steps to follow. But, trust me, nothing will work when you don’t put your mind to it.

Some months ago, I weighed 115kg, I was comfortable, I could do things my slim friends couldn’t do, I was happy and all. But little did I know that the excess body fat around my organs was affecting me in a negative way, I had high blood pressure, I couldn’t sleep well at night. My breathing was unusual and my organs were hurting. I had to make that decision to either be overweight and unhealthy or be fit and healthy. 

Losing body fat is hard, it doesn’t just happen overnight, you have to put in a lot of work, sometimes you just want to lay in bed and do nothing. It took a lot of effort for me to lose 15kg, and right now I feel more comfortable and happier with my progress. 

So I’ll be sharing with you some of the tips that helped me lose my body fat quickly. I hope you’ll find them helpful!

Steps That Really Helped Me to Lose Body Fat

1. Consistency is Key!

This is an important aspect when trying to lose body fat, you need to be consistent in whatever you decide to do, you have to be committed to staying consistent. I created challenges to help me out.

For instance, you can say from 15th to 31st of every month, you want to do 1000 skips every morning. That would help you stay consistent because you know you have a daily target.

You can’t just start working out and take a break for months, and expect to see results. 

2. Sleep More

Trust me if you are not getting up to at least 6 hours of sleep, your body fat isn’t going anywhere. As an adult, you need between 6-8 hours of sleep.

This would help your body repair itself and also help prevent obesity. 

3. Stay Away From Soda

I don’t know how else to stress this, but you have to stay away from carbonated drinks to lose body fat quickly. Not only is soda associated with obesity but it also can lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetes.

4. Reduce Your Food Portion

Do you know that waina that was so delicious you had to eat 15 pieces or that mountain of rice you just ate or the 4 wraps of tuwo you just had? What if I told you that all the extras turned into bad fat, and all the bad fat clogs around your organs, which in turn leads to obesity?

Don’t get scared, I am not saying you shouldn’t eat, of course, you have to. All I am saying is, when you reduce your food portion, to the size that even your stomach will thank you, you are one step closer to losing your body fat.

5. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables provides you with vitamins, minerals, fat, potassium, and fibre that aids digestion and also helps to lose body fat quickly. 

6. Love Yourself

I know a lot of people that want to lose weight because they get insulted every day. Believe me no matter how much weight you lost, if you don’t love yourself, you would still feel overweight. You need to say to yourself “I look good”, “I have an awesome body”, “there is no me anywhere else”. “I am fat, so?

When you love yourself and you say positive things to yourself, only then can you get the results you want.

7. Do it Now

Some of us are still stuck in the “someday island”, we keep saying “I will start tomorrow, I will start on Monday or next week”.

Why not start today, why not start right now? You don’t need to wait till January 1st to make your new years’ resolution about living a healthy life.

Every day should be your new year, you have to get up and do it now.

8. Exercise Regularly

If you noticed, I didn’t start with exercises, I started with a bunch of things you need to do for yourself. That’s because you need to be strong mentally, to have the physical strength to work out. 

You just need the motivation to work out daily.


There is no limit to what you can do to lose body fat quickly, the most important thing is that you have made that choice to be healthy and fit and you must stay true to yourself. As I said earlier, it is hard but you can do it. Remember to always get enough sleep, try as much as possible to sleep stress-free, and always drink water.

I have given you my tips and a bit of how I lost 15kg out of my body fat, I would love to hear yours in the comment section.

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