The Return of The Skinny Jeans

Written by Abdullahi Malumfashi

Abdullahi Malumfashi is a writer, editor and translator. When he is not busy working on an article, he is probably laying somewhere reading one of the many unfinished books he started. He also loves sleeping.

September 16, 2022

Skinny jeans have been all the rage since 2008. It became part of men’s clothes and has remained popular and one of the defining fashion pieces for both men and women in the past decades before it faded.

Until recently.

Skinny jeans are not just confined to ‘jeans’ it is slim-fitting trousers, including all fashion items like suit trousers, joggers, and so on.

Skinny jeans, as we know them appeared first in the 50s. They later came back in the 90s and disappeared in early 2000 when the flair jeans came into fashion. Skinny jeans later became a thing decades later and are still in vogue to date.

While some major fashion changes occur every year or two, minor changes occur almost constantly. Old trends are updated with minor tweaks, or old styles are re-invented.

How skinny jeans have lasted this long is still a mystery; perhaps it’s such a chic thing and goes with anything and everything.

Anytime the flair jeans are in vogue, the skinny jeans disappear. That hasn’t been the case since 2008, and skinny jeans have been reigning. The end is not in sight for these jeans because of their versatility.

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