How Dashiki Shirt Originated from Hausa Culture

Written by Ashphat Adam

Ashphat Adam is a student that is into creativity and arts. She enjoys reading, researching to fulfil her curiosity and focusing on her peace. She writes on fashion and is predictable in her unpredictability.

April 8, 2022

We are all aware and witnesses to how fashion is at a fast pace. New designs, new styles and also a new atmosphere. Here in Africa and specifically in, Nigeria we have a marvellous fashion sense which has been going on for decades. We all know how the dashiki shirt looks on men. It is usually a brightly coloured loose-fitting pullover garment. They fit them and make them look on another level.

Dashiki shirt is no foreigner to a lot of people and it has been embraced by most if not all. It is an African style which is still one of the trending styles. It comes in different sizes and forms. With the advent of time and also a sense in fashion, dashiki is not referred to as a single attire. A lot of attires have been designed and are referred to as dashiki.

So how did this Dashiki originate?

Origin of Dashiki

“Dashiki” is said to be derived from both the Hausa and Yoruba languages and it means shirt. The name is derived from ‘Danciki’ or ‘yarciki’, which is a loose garment worn under Babbar Riga. The word was then corrupted to Dashiki by the Yoruba people, where it also means short-sleeved work shirt’. 

Who Created the Modern Day Dashiki?

Jason Benning is said to have created the modern term dashiki and started a mass production around 1967. He did not act alone he was producing dashiki, alongside others, such as William Smith, Howard Davies and also Milton Clarke.

Well, right now there are tons and thousands of designers that are each producing their unique styles and it is been appreciated always. Dashiki material is referred to as Angelina fabric and is traced back to modern Nigeria.

How Dashiki Shirts are Worn

It is no secret that the weather here in Africa is humid, and this weather aided in the inspiration of the creation of the dashiki shirt. Though it was originally made for men, both men and women now rock this fabulous attire.

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When attending a wedding in Africa, Nigeria especially, it is rare to not see even one person without a dashiki on. Almost every person you come across is rocking a dashiki in their different respective amazing styles.

Dashiki is made in a simple way, with a V_neck and no attachment other than pockets. It is made with a bit of embroidery and can be made with Ankara.

Dashiki shirts are worn either as long sleeves or short sleeves. It is worn with pants/trousers of the same material or trouser of a different material that goes with it. There is no rule as to what to put and what to put not and it goes with different colours of your choice, though be sure to check your style. No one wants a fashion blunder even if we go through that once in a while.

Fashion has no limits and you can create your own amazing fashion, styling set and get ready to break a leg at that party you have been eager to go, to eat and have fun.

Occasions to Wear Dashiki

Dashiki can be worn for any occasion, wedding parties, school graduation, birthday parties, a quick hangout with the bros, and many other instances. It is like a flag, representing your origin and it has been appreciated internationally too. There are different amazing types of dashiki and each style makes a person look casual, confident and handsome too.

Dashiki can be worn for any occasion, wedding parties, school graduation, birthday parties, etc
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All you need to add as an accessory is a cap, a wristwatch or no wristwatch, a pair of shoes and obviously pants/trousers that will go with the dashiki (shirt). It is very light or rather not heavy and it won’t make you uncomfortable.

Dashiki is amongst the set of attire that won’t be a bother when put on. You won’t experience discomfort. It can be a long sleeve or a short sleeve and it can be made in varieties of colours.

Where to Purchase Your Dashiki Shirts

It is easy to have a dashiki in your closet, either you browse online for it, then proceed to place your order or you can easily purchase the material and ask a tailor to sew it for you. Oh! And you can also just go to shops that have a ready-made design and choose one of your likings.

Even better, you can check out the best collections of dashiki shirts on the internet.

What Dashiki Represents

Dashiki represents African heritage and it is still been worn on different occasions overseas to represent Africa without even saying it.

On a Final Note…

Western attires are comfy and amazing too, dear men you look good in anything, but have you seen yourself while putting on a dashiki? You sure gain a lot of positive comments which blows your head if not entirely, a little. It is no exaggeration, men look cool putting on a dashiki and look very attractive.

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