16 Important Tips That Will Help Keep The Conversation Going

Written by Aisha Zakari

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November 21, 2021

Online dating can be awkward sometimes especially when there’s a pause in the middle of a conversation. To keep the conversation going becomes a challenge for you because you want to keep talking with someone you’re interested in.
How do you go about this? I’ll be sharing with you conversation tips for online dating or relationships.

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Let’s do this.

How to Keep the Conversation Going Even If It Feels Like Impossible

1. Know Why You Are Communicating in the First Place

Are you having the desire to know them better? Are you in the same city as them and want to meet up? Be clear and have a reason why you’re initiating the conversation.

This gives the person clarity and helps build a connection

2. Be Genuinely Curious

Have a genuine interest in the person you like. Be inquisitive about them and ask questions. People love to talk about themselves and when you’re this way with them, they tell you.

This gives room for conversation and you get to know them better.

3. Have Something in Common

One of the quickest ways to grow a bond with someone you like is by having and sharing something in common. This makes up for an instant attraction.

There are certain topics you could talk about on a date. People have their own preferences. If they like such topics, indulge in them and keep the conversation going.

4. Always Find a Good Time To Talk

You ever notice you’re getting along with someone and all of a sudden, the fast response takes time to get to you? I’ve experienced such, really.
Do you keep wondering what went wrong or why they suddenly stopped talking to you? Well, chances are they are busy with their work or a new project.

If you notice a disengagement in the conversation, ask them if this is a bad time to talk as you want to respect their privacy. This opens room for conversation and you get to know if they’re interested.

5. Always Listen Attentively

Listening to what the person you like has to say helps to grow the relationship. Give them your attention and understand what they are saying.

This tells them you’re interested and you find them intriguing to want to keep talking.

6. Shower Them with Compliments

“You look good in your recent post”

Throwing compliments at them when they look good in a post/photo can help them soften up with you. People love to get compliments – it boosts them up.

Do this, and you have a way to them.

7. Share Your Hobbies and Interests

Make use of that share option! Share whatever it is you’re doing with the person you like – be it music you enjoy listening to, a project you’re working on, a dance routine you just made, share it.

This gives them a glimpse of your personality and a better understanding of the type of person you are.

You could also ask them to share what they may be doing . This sparks a conversation and you show them you’re interested.

8. Tell Them How You Spent Your Day

I had a very interesting day today. I met…, guess who I met?

This sparks up curiosity almost instantly as you leave the room to think about who you met. Doing this gets to them and they ask questions. Tell them how you spent your day to keep the conversation going.

9. Have a Knack for Asking Questions

Knowing it’s a good time to talk is what you need to do this tip. It makes them see you as welcoming and have no choice but to open up to you seeing you have a genuine interest in them.

10. Ask them for Advice and Suggestions

In doing this, you’re telling them that you respect them and want them to share their knowledge with you. This is also a way of knowing if the person you like is smart – you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

And what’s more? The conversation keeps going!

11. You Can Always Play a Game With Them

Play a game of “This or That”, “Would you rather” or “Never have I”

This is an interesting choice of conversation as you’ll get to know their preferences and they get to know yours as well.

Coffee or Tea? Tea for me, please!

12. Don’t be Afraid of Double-. Texting

Having your message left on reading can be heartbreaking and displeasing especially from someone you like. But, you should have no shame. It’s either it works out or it doesn’t – so, double text.

Get your message across. Let them know you’re shooting your shot.

13. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Ask questions that give room for more than a one-word reply. Avoid asking “how are you?” questions that lead to “I’m fine”. It kills the conversation almost immediately unless if they are interested in knowing how you are doing.

Rather than “how are you?”, do it differently. How about “If you were feeling bad/sick, I’d know. So tell me, what are your plans for today?”

14. Ask “Tell Me Questions”

Tell me about you

Tell me about your day

Tell me your favourite food

Tell me why you majored in Science

These questions show you’re interested. It says it all. Ask these questions to keep the conversation going with the person you like.

Remember, have no shame.

15. Participate Actively in the Conversation

Hey! It takes two to make a conversation flow. The time and effort you put into knowing them is the same effort you should give in them getting to know you.

Participate in the conversation, be a great talker. Keep the conversation going.

16. Bring Back the Conversation Back to Life

Some conversations might just die without you knowing but when you realize this, bring the conversation back to life by telling a funny joke, talking about something new they didn’t know about you or flirting.

Flirting is fun, it gives them the idea that you’re interested in them and it keeps the conversation going.


Shoot your shot to show you’re interested in any way you can. Let out what you feel in your mind. You deserve to have some relief.

Keep the conversation going and see how it goes. Take charge!

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