Should Married Couples Post their Pictures Online?

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August 20, 2022

Should couples continue to post their pictures online after marriage?

In this age of technology, it has become normal for couples to post their pictures online. Others even go as far as posting every single detail of their lives. Even with everyone genuinely wishing the best for you, pictures are meant to be kept for memories, not to be posted for validation from others.

If you ask anyone, no matter how happy or peaceful, marriage has its bad days, like every other aspect of life. Posting your pictures online opens you up to outside interference and unnecessary friction in your marriage.

Like a 23-year-old male in a relationship said, ‘it just invites a lot of attention that isn’t necessarily good for them, as they get lavished with compliments that might get to their heads or even worse, they start entertaining them’.

Another single male aged 27 says, ‘It’s not Islamically right and a thing of great value. It is not something everyone should have access to’.

A lady aged 22 and also single has the same opinion saying, ‘They should not because they are displaying their beauty to people who aren’t meant to see’.

A lady aged 23 and single thought that ‘As long as they are dressed responsibly in pictures, they display then she sees no problem with it’.

Another single lady aged 25 also said, ‘If you don’t post your partner, who will you post?’

Someone who wished to be kept anonymous said, ‘It is natural to want to show off how happy you are in your marriage, especially in the honeymoon phase, but in doing so, most tend to overstep their boundaries, so by all means, take pictures with your spouse but don’t put it all out there for people to see because the whole point of taking pictures is to appreciate the moment after it passes.

Most people believe as long as you follow proper decorum, it’s okay to post your pictures, while most think that whether with good intentions or not, it ends up doing more harm than good. Posting pictures after marriage also gives single and unmarried people the wrong impression that marriage is a bed of roses.

As the saying goes, ‘Not all that glitters is gold, but society tends to overlook all that, which eventually has a ripple effect and probably contributes to the rising divorce rate in northern Nigeria.

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