This is How You Find The Right Partner

Written by JB Mairubutu

November 6, 2021

One thing we shouldn’t joke with is our mental health and this is why it is important to date right. Dating for all the wrong reasons would bring heartaches and premium tears. So many who have gone down this route have either died or disliked the idea of being in love. It is, therefore, important that we date the right person. This article seeks to help you know how to find the right partner.

10 Ways of Choosing the Right Partner

1. Don’t Rush

We shouldn’t want to date just for fun or to catch the cruise. This isn’t healthy or morally right at all. For this reason, one isn’t supposed to rush into a relationship. I understand that there is an adrenaline rush when we meet someone new and seem to connect and we just wanna dive into a relationship with that person. No! Fight the temptation.

It might not be easy but it is important to observe and use one’s head before dating someone. If you do this, there is a 100 and 1 % chance that you will end up with the right partner.

2. To Find the Right Person, Don’t Let Lust Lead You

The fact that you have chemistry with this person and perhaps, you’re compatible sexually doesn’t make that person the right partner. Don’t allow sexual fantasies or lust to lead you.

If you allow lust to lead you, it is obvious that you will end up with the wrong person.

3. Find Someone You Can Be Free With

One way you would know if someone is right is if you find someone you can be yourself with. Anyone who wants you to pretend or live a fake life isn’t for you. You need to be free around your partner.

You don’t need a partner that always makes you feel bad about yourself. Nah! This is surely one of the ways to find the right partner.

4. To Find the Right Person, Avoid Materialistic People

If you are into materialistic people, this point is not for you. Materialistic people tend to be very entitled. These traits are that of toxic folks. Don’t go after people who are like this. They might ruin you big time. All they care about is buying the latest shoes, bags, shirts, and always looking at competing with others.

Flee from them!

5. Build True Friendship

Looking for how to find the right partner? Build true friendship and be intentional about this. I know a couple who have been married for close to ten years and they are happy. Guess what? They started this way – by building true friendship.

If you ask them what the secret to their happy home is, they will point to this fact. They are very good friends before being lovers.

6. Learn to Love Yourself

For you to find the right partner you can love or be with, you need to love yourself. This is very paramount. It is easier to love someone when you love yourself. Please, learn to love yourself.

7. To Find the Right Partner, Be Intentional About It

Being intentional about finding the right partner will help you put a lot of factors into consideration. For instance, the qualities you want in a person, the person’s interest, the type of family, etc.

Be intentional about these things. This will help you to settle for the right person.

8. Find Someone You Can Communicate Effectively With

This is very vital. The success of a relationship is dependent on communication. I want to share a story with you:

This couple were married, let’s say two months and the wife will cook and expect the husband to come dish for himself. She didn’t see serving him as a big deal. Don’t call her names yet, perhaps, in her home, everyone was expected to go dish food themselves. It happens. Hubby didn’t like this and it kept happening for weeks. It was beginning to affect their marriage until he realized that there was a need to talk to her about it. They did and it was then he realized that she didn’t even see not serving him as a big deal. After then, she changed and the problem was solved.

Do you see how powerful communication can be? If you’re wanna end up with the right person, let it be someone you have good communication with.

9. You Must Be the Right Person Too

Looking for how to find the right partner? Be the right person first. So many people want to date the right partner and on the other hand, they aren’t the right people themselves.

For you to be the right person, you will have to curb those excesses, work on bad habits, and be humane. If you do this, then you’re worthy to look for the right person to be with.

10. Avoid Negative-Minded Folks

You see people that are full-blown pessimists, avoid them. All they do is complain and always look for negatives in situations to talk about. You will be unfair to yourself if you end up with them.

They would drain the positivity out of you and you would end up miserable. As time goes on, they might start making you feel less of yourself.


Going through these points and how to find the right partner wouldn’t be a puzzle to you anymore. I hope you enjoyed your read. If you do, kindly leave a comment in the comments section. Thank you.

Always visit this blog for engaging reads. Ciao!!

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